Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos

In the 1930s, when Milton County faced bankruptcy, Fulton County absorbed its neighbor to the north. Now the Georgia Legislature may consider carving a new version of Milton County from Fulton in the area north of the city of Atlanta.

Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos has been a strong proponent of the creation of the new county. We asked her three questions about the proposal for a new county and Sandy Springs’ role in a new Milton County.

Q. If the Legislature decides to create a new Milton County, should Sandy Springs be included? Why or why not?

I support the creation of Milton County, and Sandy Springs should definitely be included. Sandy Springs is a vital component of the north Fulton community, and belongs in Milton County along with the other north Fulton cities.

Q. What services would Milton County provide to residents of Sandy Springs that the city does not or could not offer?

If Milton is created, the city of Sandy Springs would look to the new county for these services: civic and criminal justice system, including a jail; property tax assessment and collection, libraries, human services, health dept, water/sewer system, voter registration, animal control, and elections

Q. If legislators do consider creating a new Milton County, should any weight be given to the effect the change would have on Fulton County or the city of Atlanta?

Regarding effects on what remains of Fulton County, the legislation to create Milton County includes provisions for the responsibility on the new Milton County to continue to pay off its proportion of debt for Grady Hospital, as well as the future operation of Grady Hospital, and its proportion of any other outstanding debts incurred by Fulton County while we have been a part of Fulton County. There would be no fiscal impacts on the city of Atlanta.

The prospect of consolidating two very top-heavy governments — Atlanta and the new Fulton County — would be greatly enhanced with the creation of Milton County. The city of Atlanta and New Fulton County would be almost coterminous. The huge taxation level currently on the shoulders of Atlanta taxpayers would be lightened if the two governments were combined.