GCA logoThe Senate Appropriations Committee has spared the Georgia Council for the Arts, accepting the governor’s budget recommendation that the organization receive $890,735, which will allow GCA to match its federal grants and retain regional funding.

“Georgia Council for the Arts is thankful that the Georgia Senate Appropriations Committee has voted to include the Governor’s recommendation in its budget,” said GCA Executive Director Susan Weiner. “With the votes of the full Senate and the Conf erence Committee, Georgia will not lose its federal and regional funding. Though our State funding will be down 88 percent from fiscal year 2008, GCA can continue to support our highly productive nonprofit arts industry.”

Weiner taped a segment on Monday morning that is scheduled to air on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Lawmakers news program tonight at 7:00 P.M. During the segment, she discusses the proposed budget.

A budget passed by the House of Representatives last week stripped the GCA’s budget, which would have meant Georgia was the only state in the country without an arts council.

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7 replies on “Georgia Council for the Arts gets reprieve”

  1. What a freaking joke! More tax payer’s money wasted!!!!!!! This country is going broke day by day and you want to worry about funding the arts?

    I have a novel idea. Why don’t we all just give all of our money to the gov’t so they can buy our healthcare, fund the arts, provide the groceries and while their at it they can provide our housing and transportation too.

    We are half way there!!!!!

  2. What I’m sick and tired of is red state conservatives who don’t understand the value of art, especially for children. Thousands and thousands of children across the state would lose valuable education that is not provided in schools because our state leaders are too busy filling their own pockets and giving kickbacks to their political friends.

    There are plenty of politicians out there — and their supporters — who don’t care if arts funding disappears because artists, by nature, are dissenters. They ask too many questions, they cause too much trouble, they put too much spotlight on what’s happening.

    The whole “socialism” argument is so shrill and fraught with tea bagger mentality that no one is buying it anymore. Go peddle your hysteria and lack of knowledge elsewhere. I’m glad the senate saw fit to restore Georgia Council for the Arts funding.


    Do you know that the arts in Georgia had a net economic impact of approximately $387 million, and contributed more than $18.6 million in tax revenue last year. In addition, the arts provides THOUSANDS of jobs, to accountants, administrators, marketers, fundraising professionals, and non-profit managers. Maybe, you would like tax dollars to fund their UNEMPLOYMENT benefits!

    I’m sure that your deep level of IGNORANCE keeps you caught in the illusion this is about a bunch of tree hugging liberals trying to circumvent taxpayer dollars. So we’re going to simply forgive that asinine statement, and credit it to your profuse love of guns and bass fishing!

    PS. If I used words that were too big for you, it’s because I grew up reading SHAKESPEARE!!!

  4. I agree with Sick & Tired. I enjoy and support the arts. But that’s my choice, and yours, Sara and Jamina. Decisions regarding art funding should not be made by government bureaucrats.

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