Peggy Witt
Peggy Witt

Peggy Witt, a real estate broker and co-owner of Witt & Associates, takes the gavel as the new president of the Brookhaven Community Connection in June.

The connection, a monthly meeting of business owners and representatives of Brookhaven institutions, is celebrating its first birthday.

We thought it seemed to be a good time to check in with the organization’s new leader to chat a bit about the group and about Brookhaven.


Q. What do you see as the Brookhaven Community Coalition’s role in the community?

A. At Brookhaven Community Connection, we envision being an association that connects Brookhaven’s diverse communities to promote their common interests and improve the general conditions for businesses and residents to thrive. We believe that positive results for the community will come from connecting members of existing neighborhood and civic associations, local businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our current mission is to get the conversation started in order to: provide an association where local businesses can connect to each other and promote their offerings; discover common ground between neighborhoods, businesses and organizations; support and promote local civic and non-profit organizations that benefit the community; provide another forum for connecting to our elected representatives; and begin to define a shared community and geographic identity that is uniquely Brookhaven

Q. How do you define “Brookhaven”?

A. Technically (from a Realtor’s point if view ) Brookhaven is DeKalb County, ZIP code 30319. We certainly welcome individuals and businesses nearby.

Q. What are Brookhaven’s biggest needs now and what are the community’s biggest long-term needs?

A. Brookhaven needs a few more grocery stores. There are basically just Kroger and Publix. We’d like to see another library. It could be where the county park is now at Peachtree and Osborn. The facility could house the library and a coffee shop, maybe even a tag office and small police precinct

Q. Now that the Brookhaven Community Coalition has completed its first year, what comes next?

A. We’d like to continue our mission of bringing the community together, increase membership in the BCC and promote Brookhaven as a viable and interesting place to live and work.