Photo by Jody Steinberg – Students from Woodward Elementary take part in one of the traditions of a spring school field day, the sack race.

Nothing heralds spring in an elementary school quite like Field Day. As the students’ excitement bubbles over, the freedom of summer vacation lies right around the corner.

On a sunny, breezy day, students at Woodward Elementary in Brookhaven celebrated the end of the school year with athletic games, picnic lunches, junky snacks and a whole lot of laughter on and around the track at neighboring Cross Keys High School.

Volleyball, relays, hockey, sack races, tug-of-war, Frisbee and every imaginable game involving a ball was in play as classes rotated from station to station in a daylong competition of girls vs. boys. Fifth graders ran the show while teachers herded the energized students through the stations.

Each activity became “the favorite” as they cheered, bounced, ran, hopped, dribbled, caught, threw and chased the day away. The highlight of the day was the array of snacks being sold around the field by parent volunteers.

As the school bell sounded the end of the year for DeKalb County May 21, Woodward students headed into summer with T-shirts, water bottles and great memories from Field Day.