The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Bringing the HEAT

The 100 Days of HEAT started May 17. Police and sheriff’s departments statewide are participating in focused enforcement to reduce crash counts during the potentially deadly summer driving period from Memorial Day through the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

HEAT stands for “Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic,” and the campaign targets aggressive driving, impaired driving, seat-belt enforcement and other highway offenses. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety sponsors the program.

Who doesn’t wear a seat belt? Has anyone out there not seen how badly cars get mangled in wrecks? Besides, how can you ignore that annoying bell that dings until you strap the belt on?

Exploring police work

The Sandy Springs Police Department is in the planning stages of forming a police Explorer post. The program benefits teenagers who are interested in police work. Sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, police Explorer groups train and work with police officers to learn procedures and  tactics. They compete locally and nationally with other Explorer posts.

If you have a child or someone else you think might be interested, contact Lt. Benji Cain at for more information.


2500 block of Monterrey Parkway 30350 – A man came upon several men removing the wheels from his car May 24. He confronted them, and they jumped him, punched him, and stole his cell phone, his necklace, and a wheel and tire. The Gwinnett County police had warrants on the victim, so he was taken to jail after filing the report.


1600 block of Treelodge Parkway 30350 – A TV and other electronics were stolen from a home May 22. The back bedroom window had been pried open.

Summit Place 30350 – Several items were stolen from an apartment May 23 while the resident was out.

5300 block of Northland Drive 30342 – Burglars entered a home through a rear window May 24. They took several kitchen appliances and dragged them through the garage and into their vehicle. Among the missing items are a refrigerator, a microwave oven and attachments.

5300 block of Roswell Road 30342 – Someone kicked in the back door of a condo May 24. The owner is in the process of selling it and had nothing inside to steal.

5000 block of Powers Ferry Road 30342 – Someone broke into a vacant house and took copper tubing May 20.

5000 block of South Trimble Road 30342 – Someone broke into a home, probably through the garage, while the resident was out of town May 20. He reported several items missing.

Willow Glen 30328 – A man reported that someone entered his home safe May 20 and took two cashier’s checks totaling more than $13,000. The victim said he also lost a lot of cash from the safe. Someone later tried to cash one of the checks, but the transaction was flagged.

Hampton Drive 30350 – A woman left her apartment between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. May 20. During that time someone pried the front door open and took a TV, laptop, digital camera, watch and other items.

Spalding Creek Drive 30328 – A man reported that jewelry was stolen from his home May 21.


Concourse Parkway 30328 – A hotel customer said his Apple iPod was stolen from his room May 22.

6900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – A man left his car running while he went into a restaurant May 22, and when he came out, the car was gone.

5700 block of Roswell Road 30342 – A green 1992 Ford F-150 was stolen May 22.

Concourse Parkway 30328 – A man reported a theft of about $1,500 from his hotel room. He and another guy met three girls at a club called Echelon 300 in Stone Mountain. They invited the girls back to the hotel around 5:30 a.m. The victim said one of the girls was left in his room alone for a few minutes. Later, he discovered the money missing. Hotel security saw the girls leaving quickly. They got into a Ford Taurus registered to a rental company in College Park.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342 – A man stole a Wii system from Target on May 24.

1100 block of Abernathy Road 30328 – Someone stole more than $400 from the newsstand at an office tower May 24.

Preston Woods Trail 30328 – A woman said she had a friend over for a couple of hours May 24, and when he left, her iPod and digital camera were missing. She called the person, who lives with his mother, and talked to the mother. She described the mother as “not helpful” and doesn’t expect cooperation from them.

900 block of Marsh Trail 30350 – A woman reported that just before 3 p.m. May 20 she heard scratching sounds from the front door. She thought someone was putting fliers on the door, so she opened it and found a man trying to force the door open. She screamed, and he ran. (Don’t open that door unless you know who is on the other side. Keep it locked and speak loudly through the door so the person on the other side knows you’re there. Don’t hesitate to call 911.)

5600 block of New Northside Drive 30328 – A woman said someone took her wallet from her purse inside her office area May 20. The purse was sitting on the front desk of the office.

A woman reported that she left a package to be picked up by FedEx, but someone stole it. That someone is in for a big surprise: The package contained blood and urine for a lab sampling.

Hilderbrand Drive 30328 – A woman reported that she saw a flatbed wrecker hauling her car away May 21. She didn’t report it to the police because she thought the car was being repossessed. She called the bank and learned it had not been repossessed.

Theft from vehicle

Items were stolen from vehicles broken into at the following locations:

• 8700 block of Dunwoody Place 30350, May 20.

• 6200 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road 30328, May 21.

• 5600 block of Roswell Road 30342, May 21.

• 6200 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road 30328, May 21.

Fraud, forgery and ID theft

A woman reported that someone deposited several fake checks into her account, then wrote checks on that balance until the checks were found to be fraudulent. She’s about $4,000 upside down on the account.

A man reported that someone accessed his account and withdrew $15,000 in cash advances on it.

A man reported that he lost his wallet in the year 2000. He recently was notified that he owed $11,000 on a student loan. Someone apparently accessed his personal information; besides the loan, his ID had been used on shopping items.


1100 block of Glenridge Stratford Drive 30342 – A woman reported May 22 that her boyfriend hit her in the face after an argument.

A woman reported that her boyfriend was mad at her for seeing other men, so he pushed her and hit her in the face.

5400 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – A woman reported May 24 that she and her ex-boyfriend still share an apartment because they’re waiting for the lease to end (not a good move). She said she was on the phone talking to a friend about “mature” things, thinking the ex was not home. He was. He opened the door and threw a scale and other items at her.

Glenlake Parkway 30328 – A man reported May 20 that someone stole his credit card from his desk at work. Several charges were made, including a dentist’s bill. (The dentist’s bill? Really? At least make it hard for us to find you. You might as well write the arrest report for us, too.)


7700 block of Roswell Road 30328 – During a traffic stop May 22, the driver was arrested after the computer showed he had an active warrant on him. He was taken to jail, and the car was impounded.

A woman called the police and reported that her boyfriend had hit her several times in the face. She had a lacerated lip and several facial bruises. She also had an active warrant from Gwinnett County. She was transferred to jail after medical treatment.

8200 block of Dunwoody Place 30350 – Two people got into an accident May 22. One of the drivers, driving a U-Haul, got out, looked at the damage and tried to drive away. A uniformed sergeant who was nearby stopped the vehicle and later arrested the driver.

1200 block of Summit Drive 30350 – Answering a noise-ordinance complaint May 22, officers cited an apartment resident after a second call to the location. He received a copy of the charges to appear in court. The report said he protested the ticket.

An officer stopped a driver on Hammond Drive. The driver was wanted in Clayton County, so he was arrested. The officers found cocaine on the man, so he was charged with drug possession as well.

Indian Trail 30342 – Park rangers called the police May 23 in reference to a man smoking marijuana. The rangers attempted to converge on the man, but he ran. An officer saw a man who matched the description driving a Mercedes out of the park area. He stopped the car, and the man got out. The man had small cuts on his legs from running through the woods. He had a misdemeanor amount of marijuana on him. He was arrested.

Other things

A man said he got a call from an angry musician who said he was going to “kick his (blank) and burn his apartment down” if he didn’t get his money for playing at a wedding reception.

A woman said she received a call from a person who could not pronounce her name, so she hung up. The person called back and said he would “AK” her family unless she gave him $30,000. (“AK” apparently is a reference to an AK-47 assault rifle.) She doesn’t know the person and said he had a Jamaican accent.