The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


4700 block of Roswell Road 30342 – A woman said that when she returned home from work July 18, she found that someone had forced entry into her apartment and taken a laptop computer.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342 – Someone entered an apartment through a bedroom window July 18 and took two televisions and clothing.

5500 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – A man reported July 19 that while he was out of town, someone entered his residence without forced entry and took a 50-inch TV, another TV and other electronic items. He suspects a friend who has a key to the residence.

5400 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – Someone entered a home July 19 and took a camera, jewelry and a laptop computer. No forced entry was evident.

Highland Park Trail 30328 – Someone entered an apartment July 21 and took two televisions, a computer, a Bose radio, a bedspread and other items.


5600 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road 30328 – A woman reported that she was in a hospital waiting room and fell asleep for several hours July 18. During that time, someone took her wallet from her purse.

1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway 30328 – Someone broke into several arcade games July 18 at the Regal Cinema and is believed to have taken $400 to $500.

200 block of Belle Isle Drive 30342 – Copper tubing from three air conditioners was stolen from behind a building July 19.

5500 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – A woman reported that water damaged her apartment after a fire set off a sprinkler system July 19. The company hired contractors to repair the damage. Now she is missing a computer and jewelry. (If you have any work done around the home, including cleaning services, make a quick walk around and secure —hide — your valuables.)

7000 block of Stonington Drive 30328 – A woman reported that while she was outside her residence just before 2 p.m. July 20, a man grabbed her purse and ran off.

Whispering Trail 30328 – A woman was working in the yard of her home when a man drove up and asked her whether she needed any work done. She declined. A neighbor saw the man leave and told police the man took three wheels and tires from the woman’s garage and put them into his Jeep Cherokee. The neighbor took a couple of photos with his cellphone camera.

2200 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – A woman reported that while she was in her car, parked in a parking lot, a man walked up, opened her passenger door and took her purse July 20. The man ran off before learning that the purse did not contain any money or credit cards. (Lock the doors when you occupy your car. Get in, sit down, lock the car, then do all that other stuff.)

5400 block of Meridian Mark Drive 30342 – A woman reported that someone took her wallet from her office desk July 20.

Harbor Pointe Parkway 30350 – An apartment complex mistakenly or inappropriately evicted a woman from her apartment and put all her property on the curb July 20. When the management discovered the error, it put everything back, but the woman reported that $150 in cash, a laptop and a PlayStation2 game system were missing.

7100 block of Roswell Road 30328 – A woman reported July 21 that she lent her car to her former boss for two weeks and hasn’t seen him since.

Theft from vehicle

Items were stolen from vehicles broken into at the following locations:

• 1200 block of Harbor Point Parkway 30350, July 18.

• 6900 block of Roswell Road 30328, July 18.

• 4900 block of Roswell Road 30342, July 19.

• 6100 block of Roswell Road 30328, July 19.

• 6700 block of Roswell Road 30328, July 19.

• 6300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road 30328, July 19.

• 6400 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road 30328, July 19.

• 6900 block of Roswell Road 30328, July 20.

• 5600 block of Roswell Road 30342, July 20.

• 900 block of Crestline Parkway 30342, July 20.

Fraud, forgery and ID theft

A man reported that someone stole a company check and cashed it for more than $3,200.

A woman reported that someone obtained her personal information and used it to open an account and pay for medical treatments in Virginia.

A woman reported that someone opened store accounts in her name. One account was at Kohl’s in Knoxville, Tenn., where more than $1,000 was charged. An additional $2,500 was charged at a Best Buy store in Farragut, Tenn.

A man said the Internal Revenue Service contacted him and advised him he owed more than $12,000 in 2009 taxes. The man was a student at the time, had an annual income of $116 and was a dependent on his parents’ tax return. Stating the obvious, someone used his personal information to obtain income in 2009.


Northridge Road 30350 – Shuntae and Katia said they were involved in a physical altercation with Carl after Carl told them both to move out over rent issues July 18. No arrests were made at the scene.

5000 block of Roswell Road 30342 – A woman was injured in a fight with an ex-roommate. According to the victim, the ex-roommate hit her on the side of her head with a brick. She had a deep cut and scratches on her head and neck. The roommate was gone. The case is being investigated.


7800 block of Roswell Road 30350 – A patrol officer checked the tag on a car he was following July 18, and the return information showed the driver’s license was suspended because the owner was not paying his child support. He was arrested.

A lot of folks don’t know how many divorced parents simply do not pay child support. The bureaucracy involved in efforts to collect money due for child support is nothing short of ridiculous. Eventually, the trend in child-support collection began to show some light for the victims. One of the most effective methods is the suspension of the deadbeat dad’s driver’s license.

7300 block of Roswell Road 30328 – Cops got a call to a gas station and convenience store, where they met a clerk and a man who had passed a $10 bill. The clerk took the bill, found it to be fake and refused to return it to the presenter. The cops talked to the man and asked him where he got the bill. He told them he got it from his wife, who works at a grocery store. They went to the store and talked to his wife, who denied his story, saying store employees are not allowed to ring up family members. The man was arrested for forgery.

8100 block of Colquitt Road 30350 – Cops were called to an argument, mediated the dispute and ran the two parties on the crime computer. One had an outstanding warrant from Tennessee. She was arrested.

Following up on a drug investigation, officers went to Spring Creek Lane and spoke with a man who later was arrested for possessing marijuana and a .380-caliber handgun found in a gym bag. He said: “I got the gun from my mother, and the weed is for personal use.”

200 block of Sandy Springs Place 30328 – Kroger employees detained a man who put several batteries down his pants and attempted to leave without paying July 20. He was charged with shoplifting.

Other things

A woman reported that the city of Chicago contacted her about $700 in unpaid fines for red-light violations caught on camera and for driving with an expired Georgia tag. She said she left her Georgia tag at a friend’s apartment in Chicago five years ago.

4700 block of Roswell Road 30342 – A woman said a man she vaguely knows saw her in a parking lot and asked her whether she wanted to see the woman’s clothing he had for sale in his apartment. She agreed and went to the apartment with the man. He said the clothes were in his bedroom. She said the man left for a minute, then returned wearing only a towel and carrying a bottle of lotion. He asked whether she would give him a massage. She said no, so he made himself comfortable on the bed and began fondling himself. She left the apartment and called police the next day. She said she was afraid to call the cops that night.