• Jack Harris
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Jack Harris

High school jocks often are categorized as arrogant, egotistic and selfish. Jack Harris seems to be the complete opposite.

Jack was a three-sport athlete during his four years at Pace. He started the year running cross-country, then moved on to basketball, then to lacrosse.

Although many might have thought Jack was tackling too much, he wanted to prove not only that could he handle it, but that he could excel. He ended up team captain in all three sports.

“I’m pretty humbled that I was named captain of all three sports I played during senior year,” Jack said. “I really want to be a good friend to my teammates and have great interaction with them. I know I wasn’t the best player, but I felt like I displayed great commitment.”

Jack succeeded in the classroom as well. He graduated as Pace’s salutatorian and also received the Career Contribution Award for participating in three sports each year, and the Frank D. Kaley Award, which is Pace’s highest honor. All three recognitions are awarded to seniors.

“It’s really special to me,” he said, “because I know that all of my hard work and dedication to getting my work done truly paid off.”

Jack and his brother Cal are 19 months apart and are best friends. Even with the difficulties of sports, school, and being social, the two always make time every Sunday to be active members of their youth group at Trinity Presbyterian Church.

“My faith has definitely kept me motivated through my busy life through high school,” Jack said. “In times of real distress or trouble, I would turn to praying, which has been a nice and relaxed outlet. Youth group every Sunday was a really great time to spend expressing faith with friends. I don’t know if it was really a motivator so much, as kind of almost a healer or soothing sort of activity.”

Jack and Cal’s mother, Bonnie, agrees.

“The church has been a huge influence in the lives of our children,” Bonnie Harris said. “Jack and our younger son have been real leaders in our youth group and because they’re committed to it.”

What’s Next:

Jack begins his first year of college at Princeton University this fall.

He does not plan to continue any sports at the NCAA level, but will definitely compete recreationally.

“I think I will participate in all sorts of intramurals and maybe even play some club level lacrosse,” Jack said. “One thing that I will definitely do is a cappella singing. I sang in the church choir and that was a great experience for me and I would like to continue doing so.”

–Daniel J. Kramer