The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


8800 block Dunwoody Place 30350 – Someone cut a hole in the roof of a storage room on Aug. 31 or Sept. 1 and attempted to get in. Nothing was taken.

Cedar Run 30350 – An apartment resident reported Sept. 1 that she left the apartment and expected the maintenance staff to replace a dishwasher. The maintenance staff said a man came in while they were installing the washer. The man apparently convinced the staff to leave the apartment and then apparently took a TV and jewelry.

200 block of Forest Hills Drive 30342 – A resident reported Sept. 2 that he went into his basement for about 15 minutes. When he returned, someone had come in an unlocked door, taken his keys, cigarettes, and then his van, and driven away. The perpetrator left a cigarette in the ashtray for DNA evidence.

7000 block Roswell Road 30328 – The resident said someone kicked in his front door Sept. 2 and took a PS3, games and DVD’s.

6900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – Someone forced a front window open Sept. 2 and took a TV, laptop and metal box containing $300 cash.

2000 block of Spring Creek Lane 30350 – Someone called the police Sept. 3 in reference to glass breaking. The officer found an apartment where the window had been broken and it appeared the apartment had been entered. There was blood at the location, most likely from the burglar cutting himself on entry.

1000 block of Marsh Trail Circle 30350 – Someone forced the victim’s front door open on Sept. 3 or 4. Missing is recording equipment, a TV, cash, clothing and DVD’s.

6900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – A woman reported Sept. 4 that she was in the process of moving out of an apartment. She left behind a Smith and Wesson .22 caliber gun on the kitchen counter that was gone when she returned to the apartment. It appears someone had been inside and gone through several boxes.

6000 Roswell Road 30328 – Officers received a call of a burglary in progress at the CPC Wireless Co. on Sept. 5. When they got there, they found evidence of a burglary. On the way, communications gave a lookout of a Jeep Cherokee as a suspect vehicle. One of the officers, who was on the way to the call, passed a Jeep Cherokee. He turned around, but the Jeep had a head start. The Jeep entered I-285 and then the Glenridge Connector, where it crashed into the median wall. The suspects were gone when the officers pulled up. The Jeep was found to be stolen from Atlanta. Witnesses said they saw the Jeep at the store and saw a male on the passenger side. A laptop and several phones were stolen.

6800 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – The victim reported Sept. 5 that sometime during the night, someone entered her apartment through a window and took her wallet, checkbook, keys and her red 2002 Kia Sportage. Another burglary was reported in this same general area.

400 block of Preston Woods Trail 30328 – A student at the AIU School reported Sept. 7 that someone took his PS3. He shares the apartment with two other students. He suspects the roommates, due to fudging the answers to his questions about the video game system.

5800 block of Riverside Drive 30328 – Someone took a safe containing over $4,000 from a church office sometime between Sept. 5 and 7.

8000 block of River Circle 30328 – A resident reported Sept. 7 that she heard keys hit the floor in her laundry room. She found that her keys were on the floor but her purse and contents were missing. She could see that the door was slightly open. Her husband had left earlier and the garage door was left open. Later, a bank card was used at a Wal-Mart in Duluth. Officers contacted security and obtained video of a male in white shirt and jeans and a baseball cap. He was accompanied by a white female with long blond hair and wearing dark shirt and light-colored pants. They were driving a small red sedan. They purchased an iPod with the card.

Aldwich Lane 30350 – Someone forced a door open on Sept. 6 or 7 and took the victim’s PS3, flat-screen TV and a computer.

1300 block of Hampton Drive 30328 – A door was kicked open on Sept. 7 and a PS3 and computer were stolen.

6800 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On Sept. 7 someone entered an apartment through a sliding glass door (no forced entry) and took a laptop.


6300 block Powers Ferry Road 30327 – Hotel staff reported that a large mobile air conditioner called “Chiller” was stolen Sept. 1 from the back of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

1100 block Abernathy Road 30328 – A woman reported Sept. 1 that someone stole her wallet while she was in the third-floor cafeteria. An attempt was later made to use the card, but it was not successful.

Jett Road 30342 – The resident reported Sept. 1 that someone stole mail from the mailbox sometime during the day of August 7.

Roswell and Abernathy roads 30342 – The staff at Applebee’s said two women ran a $28 food bill and then attempted to pay with a credit card. The card was declined, so the two women walked outside, got in the car, and left – apparently not realizing the card was on file and at least to that point, not stolen. Charges will be filed against the card holder.

7700 block Roswell Road 30350 – An apartment employee said on Sept. 2 someone used a sticky substance to retrieve at least one check from the drop box located outside the office. We see this from time to time. Perps will fish a check out with a sticky substance, wash the check, and then use it. Pay your rent in person if possible.

A woman on South Chace said she used a contract medical transportation service to take her to a hospital. She said she later found that Darvocet painkillers and her checkbook were missing. She suspects the transportation employees of the theft.

On Sept. 3 a man reported he left his green 1997 Land Rover on the side of Ga. 400 near the North Springs MARTA Station around 6 p.m. The next morning, the car was gone.

5300 block Roswell Road 30342 – On Sept. 3 just after 1 p.m., a woman pulled into a gas station. She got out of her silver 2004 Audi Quattro and noticed a man walking nearby. The man walked over to her car, got in and drove away. The car was unlocked, with the keys inside. Take your keys. Take your keys. Take your keys.

5600 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30342 – A woman reported Sept. 3 that someone took her backpack from a medical building. Later, she found that her debit card had been used for a monthlong train pass with MARTA and another weeklong pass.

700 block Mount Vernon Highway 30328 – The manager of the Stay-Bridge Suites said Sept. 3 that a man left the hotel without paying a bill that is just under $500. The man is older and had his wife and daughter with him in a blue Jeep Wrangler.

4000 block Tree Lodge Parkway 30350 – A man reported that someone took a wicker lawn chair from the common area. The victim had a video of the incident that showed a male with a white truck stop and take the chair just after 3 a.m. Later, the officers did a follow-up and found the chair at a nearby apartment. They could not locate the resident, so they took the chair and returned it.

1100 block Hammond Drive 30328 – A man reported Sept. 6 that he was pickpocketed outside the Derby sports bar just before 1 a.m.

6200 block Roswell Road 30328 – A woman reported Sept. 7 that someone stole her wallet from her purse while she was shopping at Trader Joe’s. Some good advice: Ladies, don’t take your purse in. Men, if you’re taking your purse in, your problems exceed the topic of theft. Put your debit card and/or cash in your front pants pocket. If you must place your 45-pound purse in the shopping cart, zip it, snap it or otherwise close the purse so that someone cannot reach in.

River North Drive 30328 – Someone removed the victim’s mail and mailbox on Sept. 7. The mailbox was wrought iron and valued at $500.

Thefts from vehicles

Items were stolen from vehicles broken into at the following locations:

4700 block Roswell Road 30342 – Sept. 1

7200 block Chattahoochee Bluff 30350 – Sept. 1

6100 block Roswell Road 30328 – Sept. 1

4900 block Roswell Road 30342 – Sept. 1

1700 block Marlborough Drive 30350 – Sept. 2

600 block Bittersweet Trail 30328 – Sept. 3

4900 block Roswell Road 30342 – Sept. 4

6900 block Roswell Road 30328 – Sept. 4

200 block Johnson Ferry Road 30328 – Sept. 4

6300 block Powers Ferry Road 30327 – Sept. 5

800 block Hammond Drive 30328 – Sept. 5

600 block Mount Paran Road 30342 – Sept. 5

1000 block Johnson Ferry Road 30342 – Sept. 5

Concourse Parkway 30328 – Sept. 5

300 block of High Brook Drive 30328 – Sept. 5

8200 block Colquitt Road 30350 – Sept. 6

5600 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30342 – Sept. 6

6900 block Roswell Road 30328 – Sept. 6

Mount Paran Road 30342 – Sept. 7

Fraud, forgery and ID theft

6300 block Glenridge Drive 30342 – A man reported Sept. 1 that someone used his personal information to open an account with Dell Computers.

A man reported that someone used his personal information to open two AT&T accounts.

A woman reported that she answered an ad on Craigslist for an iPhone. She met a woman in the 8700 block of Roswell Road and paid the woman $400. She took the phone, but when she plugged it in, she realized it was a dummy phone. On Sept. 7 another person was swindled in the same way. A man connected with the woman through Craigslist and then paid her $375 for an iPad that turned out to be fake.

8700 block Roswell Road 30350 – Cops received a call of a fraud in progress on Sept. 7. A lookout was given on a man running from the scene. He had attempted to cash two fraudulent money orders. The man was picked up by someone in a white Dodge Magnum with white rims. The man tried to cash money orders for $500 and just over $200. The employee said they would have to be verified. The suspect then headed to the door.

A woman reported that she lost her debit card and it was later used in an attempt to gain money.

A man reported that someone used his account information to withdraw about $700 from his account. Three transactions were conducted. Two were in Smyrna and one on West Paces Ferry Road.


1800 block Summit Place 30350 – A woman reported Sept. 1 that her boyfriend choked her.

300 block Hammond Drive 30328 – A woman reported Sept. 1 that she and her sister got into an argument. They both left the location but both then returned and the argument rekindled. The victim picked up the phone to call the police. As she did, her sister scratched her on her chest with her fingernails.

Long Island Drive 30342 – A woman reported Sept. 1 that her boyfriend grabbed her by the arm. The arm was said to have been bruised. The boyfriend did the same thing again the previous day, causing additional bruising. The report said the woman was intoxicated.

6600 block Roswell Road 30328 – A hair salon employee said Sept. 5 that a man and his juvenile daughter came in for haircuts. The bill was $79. The man got mad, cursed and yelled, and then put $31 on the counter and left. The victim, a customer, walked outside and photographed the car and tag with the phone camera. The man got out of the car and punched the victim in the face, then left.


6300 block Roswell Road 30328 – Police on Sept. 1 were called to the Smoothie King on an assault call. What they learned was this: A woman came into the Smoothie King and wanted to use a coupon. The employee said they no longer accepted the coupon. The customer got angry. The employee called the owner, who said to give the customer a $3 discount but no free smoothie. The woman said she didn’t want it and started to leave. The employee, having made said smoothie, wanted the customer to pay for it. The employee followed the customer to her car in order to write down the tag number. The customer got angry and started yelling at her so she (the employee) called the customer a “b—-”! Well, the customer, having heard this, slapped the paper and pen from the employee’s hand.The employee walked back to the store, but, according to the report, the customer blocked her from entering. When the employee tried to get by, the customer “slammed her into the brick wall and they fell to the ground.” The two fought until nearby workers broke it up. The customer was charged with disorderly conduct and released on a copy with a Sept. 27 court date.

A cabbie called the police to Kingsport Drive and told the following: He drove a drunk man to his residence. The drunk man got out and then accused the cabbie of hitting his car, and then walked away. He returned and grabbed the cabbie through the window. The car went into reverse and hit a phone box. The drunk guy then went to his apartment. The officers went to the apartment and spoke to the drunk man, who said he was only trying to keep the cabbie from leaving the scene. The drunk man was arrested.

Stranger than fiction

A man reported that during a soccer game, he found a bag of powdery substance under the bleachers. He showed it to a paramedic, who tasted the substance and reported “that it made his tongue numb.” You know what else is numb? That paramedic’s brain! Only TV cops and TV bad guys taste the drugs with their tongues!! Hope it wasn’t anthrax!