North Atlanta High School Principal Mark MyGrant has posted the following letter regarding the Atlanta Public Schools accreditation probation on the school’s Web site in hopes of engaging in “constructive dialog” with the parents of his students. :

Dear Warrior Parents,
By now I am sure you have heard a great deal about the “accredited probation” status of Atlanta Public Schools. As your students’ principal and someone who has been a part of this community for over 15 years, I, like many of you, have responded emotionally as events have unfolded. However, my history with your children and our school system compels me to strongly encourage everyone in our NAHS family to thoughtfully separate facts from rumors, and engage in constructive, positive dialog, not unaccountable or anonymous communication.
Here are facts you need to know:
• This year’s NAHS Class of 2011 will not be impacted by the probation status. Our seniors are eligible for college admissions, the HOPE Scholarship, and any other opportunities befitting graduation seniors.
• Dr. Mark Elgart, president and CEO of AdvancED/SACS assured the audience attending the 1/24/11 Board Meeting that even in the worst case scenario next year’s seniors (2012) will not be negatively impacted by accreditation… they will be exempt.
• The probation is not an indictment of any specific school or group of schools and has nothing to do with the system’s academics.
• The probation is solely about the current functionality of the APS School Board.
I would like to set the tone for “constructive, positive dialogue” by stating I view this current situation as an opportunity for each board member to redirect his or her energy toward becoming a member of a cohesive, united team working toward the singular goal of ensuring all students across the city have the same wonderful opportunities our North Atlanta Warriors enjoy each day. I have every confidence our board members will take the corrective actions necessary so the “board governance” issues do not ultimately penalize our students and schools.
As adults, we have the responsibility to set the best example for our children – regardless of our feelings toward the people or the process involved in the current probation situation. In the past, our community has come together to do great things. Building upon the achievements of those who came before us, we continue to pave the way for the steady stream of families rediscovering public schools. There is still work to do, but a divisive, politically motivated community will not get the job done!
I hope you will continue to encourage your students to give their best effort and do their best work. I assure you, our faculty and staff will do the same. I appreciate your ongoing faith and support of our fine neighborhood school.
Principal Mark MyGrant

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.