The Ball Mill Creek Bridge on Spalding Drive will be closed for repairs starting Aug. 15, Sandy Springs officials reported.

Sandy Springs reported the repairs are expected to take six weeks.

“It was determined through an underwater inspection that the bridge has an undermining of one of the foundations and requires immediate maintenance,” the city reported in a press release. “The bridge is a 34-foot single span steel and concrete bridge constructed in 1929. The condition identified by the Georgia Department of Transportation is repairable through stabilization and does not require replacement of the bridge at this time.”

Repairs are expected to begin Aug. 16.

“The suggested detour route is Ball Mill Road to Dunwoody Club Drive from the east and Roberts Drive to Dunwoody Club Drive from the west,” city said via e-mail. “The public is asked to use extreme caution and maintain the posted speed limit in the residential areas along the detour route. “

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