Sam Massell, Buckhead Coalition
Sam Massell, Buckhead Coalition

The Buckhead Coalition announced on Sept. 2 that it is partnering with the Buckhead Community Improvement District and the Atlanta Police Foundation to give police officers $3,000 each to move to Buckhead.

The coalition said it would also negotiate for lower rent and said Police Chief George Turner has agreed to give these officers take-home cars.

Coalition President Sam Massell said police cars parked in driveways and officers living in neighborhoods would deter crime.

Diane Cox, Brookwood Civic Association President, said she was intrigued by the proposal.

Asked if she thought it would deter crime, Cox said, “It depends on how much they like living there, if it’s really that much of an incentive to them.”

Officer Earl Britman said he’s a 20-year veteran of the police force and likely wouldn’t take advantage of the offer. But he said many younger officers might.

“I think it would entice younger officers, especially the ones that are not married,” he said.

The coalition also announced an initiative to tie surveillance cameras at private businesses into a central monitoring station that would be operated by the Atlanta Police Foundation.

The coalition reported it is earmarking $40,000 for the first phase of these programs.

Dan Whisenhunt

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