The following incidents and arrests are some, but not all, of the reports filed with SSPD over the listed period, dated through April 19.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Report of the Week

500 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – On April 12, a woman reported she was attempting to remove a search program (Bing) from her computer. She had difficulty doing so and so she searched the Internet to find ways to remove it. She contacted one such site and talked to a man who said he could do it but needed remote access to the computer. She allowed him access. He later told her that her computer was about to crash if she didn’t do something fast to fix it. He said he could repair it for $200. She paid the man and after doing so, found out that he had locked her out by changing her passwords. He accessed her banking and personal files. To date, she has not seen any fraudulent activity, but has changed her financial information.


8000 block of Adair Lane 30328 – On April 9, a cabbie reported that around 10 p.m. he picked a man up from a convenience store on Roswell Road. The man wanted to go to Roswell, where he was taken. He then wanted to go to Adair Lane, the Cascade Apartments. When they arrived, the man grabbed the cabbie by the neck and tried to choke him. The cabbie fought him off and then fled. He returned a short time later and found that the man had taken $300 from his car. The suspect was intoxicated, according to the victim.

200 block of Northwood Drive 30342 – On April 12, just after midnight, officers were called to a nightclub and spoke with a woman and her sister. The women told officers that while they were standing outside the club, a Ford Explorer pulled up and a man got out and talked with them. The man wanted to go to a hotel with them. They refused. According to the women, the man pulled a rifle or shotgun and pointed it at one of the women, demanding she get into the car. She refused, pushed the gun away, and said she was calling the cops. The man then snatched her cellphone and fled in the car. She said the gun may have been a toy.


6900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 6, a man returned home and found the door to his kitchen was closed and locked—which he never does. Although no forced entry was found, his laptop was missing.

6900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 6, a man said someone took a 55-inch TV, Sony surround sound receiver and a Wii console, Toshiba laptop, and jewelry. His wife’s Honda is also missing.

6800 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On April 6, a woman said she returned home and found that the front door had been forced open. She reported several things missing.

7000 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 8, a man said someone came into his apartment but nothing was taken.

1100 block of Perimeter Center 30328 – On April 9, an employee said someone broke out a window to an office and took three laptop computers.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 9, a resident reported that sometime between Jan. 10 and April 9, someone stole a number of jewelry items from her apartment.

5400 block of Glenridge Drive 30342 – On April 9, a man reported that someone burglarized his apartment and took several items, including a briefcase and a .38 caliber pistol.

8000 block of Innsbruck Drive 30350 – On April 10, a resident reported that she hired two men to assist her in moving. She rented a truck for them to use. According to the report, the victim and the two men disagreed over the price of the move. She had the men return the rental truck and then gave them a ride back to her home to retrieve their personal vehicle. She said she left the men at her home, outside, at about 2 p.m.  When she returned at about 6:30 p.m., a basement door was found open and several of her items were gone including jewelry and a television.

5700 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30342 – On April 10, someone burglarized the Chamberlain College of Nursing by breaking out a glass window. One laptop is reported missing.

800 block of Abingdon Way 30328 – On April 11, a man reported that he heard a noise from his neighbor’s apartment and then saw an unknown man leaving. The man told the complainant that he was fixing the door. The man then left in a hurry.

100 block of Greyfield Lane 30350 – On April 12, a maintenance employee of the Ansley Place Apartments said he went to a unit to work on something and found that the front door had been forced open.

5300 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 12, a man reported that someone accessed his apartment through his sliding door. His Xbox and games are missing.

6800 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On April 14, a woman said that a man burglarized her apartment, taking a laptop and a Sony PS3 video game system.

9000 block of Huntcliff Trace 30350 – On April 16, just over 60 feet of electrical wire was cut from an electrical box on a home that is vacant.

1800 block of Jefferson Drive 30350 – On April 17, the victim said that when he returned home, he found that someone threw a brick through the back window and went into his apartment. He is missing several items.


4900 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 6, a woman said she was using the self-checkout lane and accidentally left her iPhone on top of the checkout machine. She forgot and left. When she returned, the phone was gone. The store video showed a man who was in the checkout behind her and placed his personal property over the phone and then took everything and left.

1800 block of Jefferson Drive 30328 – On April 8, someone stole the victim’s 1987 Jeep Wrangler.

Northridge Road/Roswell Road 30350 – On April 8, a man reported that he purchased a pit bull pup. He walked with the pup to the Chevron station and began talking with a man who said his name was “Bear.” Bear played with the dog. Bear then got on the phone and the victim overheard Bear making several calls, telling the person on the other end of the line that he had an aggressive bluenose pit bull. The victim said he used the restroom at the Chevron and left his pup with Bear. When he came back, the two were gone.

1700 block of Sandalwood Drive 30350 – On April 9, a woman reported that she met with a man selling a variety of meat from his truck in the 8100 block of Roswell Road. She bought $480 worth of meat for $189 using her EBT (food stamps) card. Later, she wanted to cancel the transaction, but found that the card had been debited for $200. She said she didn’t know how because the man did not have her PIN.

1600 block of Riveredge Parkway 30328 – On April 10, a construction superintendent reported that someone stole 15 weld plates and 100 anchor bolts. The total value of the material is $6,000. On the street, the seller could get between $900 and $1,000.

1600 block of Monterrey Parkway 30350 – On April 10, a woman reported that her friend’s boyfriend stole prescription medicine from her. She is missing 140 Oxycodone and 40 Alprazolam pills. She believes that the suspect took them when he used the restroom at her home.

6400 block of Riverside Drive 30328 – On April 11, someone stole a TV from a home that is under construction.

5700 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 12, a man came into the store and took two bottles of wine valued at $16.

1400 block of Huntington Chase 30328 – On April 12, a woman reported that her friend Stacey offered to take her car to be washed and waxed. She loaned it and has not seen either since that time.

200 block of Winding River Drive 30350 – On April 14, a woman reported that her son, who has stolen from her in the past, took several jewelry items and pawned them. She found the items and the pawn ticket and reported it to the police. Her son was not at the location at the time.

5300 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 15, a man reported that his roommate took his toolbox from him. The box and tools were valued at $300.

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Highway 30328 – On April 15, the victim reported that the center caps to her wheels were stolen while her car was parked at the MARTA station.

Elden Drive 30342 – On April 16, a truck was reported stolen.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 16, a woman reported that she works at Hearth Pizza and at some point someone stole her purse. She normally places the purse on a shelf in the back of the store. Later, the victim’s bank card was used to purchase $700 worth of goods at Marshall’s in Dunwoody.

8300 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On April 16, a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza said he delivered a pizza to an apartment. A woman answered the door, took the pizza and then slammed the door shut. He could not get the woman back to the door. The bill came to $30.

6600 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 17, a man reported that while he was working out at a gym, someone went into his unlocked locker and took a $350 watch and $350 cash.

700 block of Dalrymple Road 30328 – On April 17, a man reported that his 1990 GMC Sierra was stolen. He said that he had been drinking the night before and when he went home and awoke the next morning, his dog and vehicle were gone and the door to the apartment was open.

Theft from Vehicles

Articles were stolen from vehicles on the following dates:

1100 block of Mt. Vernon Highway 30328, April 6.

400 block of Morgan Falls Road 30350, April 7.

700 block of Hammond Drive 30328, April 9

900 block of Hammond Drive 30328, April 12.

6900 block of Roswell Road 30328, April 12.

6000 block of Roswell Road 30328, April 16.

8600 block of Roberts Drive 30350, April 17.

8700 block of Huntcliff Trace 30350, April 18.

500 block of Tahoma Drive 30350, April 18.

5500 block of Glenridge Connector 30342, April 18.

1000 block of the 16th Fairway 30350, April 18.

8700 block of Huntcliff Trace 30350, April 18.


A man reported that his wallet was stolen last week. The wallet contained a credit card which was later used on two occasions.

300 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – On April 7, a woman reported that her friend stole her credit card while she slept. She said he used it at various locations in Sandy Springs.

400 block of Summit Springs Drive 30350 – On April 9, a man reported that when he went to do his taxes, he was informed that someone had used his SSN to file taxes.

A woman on Spalding Drive reported that she was recently at a hotel in San Francisco and left her credit card in her room, unattended, for a short time. Someone later used the card to buy $800 in stereo equipment.

7000 block of Duncourtney Drive 30328 – On April 10, a man reported that his identity was used by someone else to rent two cars from Avis and Hertz at the Miami, Fla., airport.

8000 block of North River Parkway 30350 – On April 16, a woman reported that she allowed her niece to move in with her. She later found that her niece opened a credit account in her name. She forgave and allowed her niece to make payments on the account still in her name. Of course her niece later defaulted on the account. She then found out that her niece had listed her on a $14,000 loan through Sallie Mae.

5900 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 16, the manager of Office Depot said two women came into the store and wanted to purchase 17 Visa gift cards. Management activated the cards and at the time of payment, the women used another gift card which is not allowed. When told about it, the women got angry and threw the newly-activated gift cards to the ground and then seconds later, picked them up and returned them to the cashier. They then left. Later, the cashier found that they had substituted non-activated Visa gift cards for the activated ones they now had in their possession. The cards, valued at $3,400, were later used at a store in Tennessee. The cashier said the two women were in a car with Tennessee tags on them, so after the bait and switch, they took off north and spent the cards as fast as they could.


8100 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On April 6, a man reported that another man hit him in the ear with a closed fist while he was reading the paper. He said he owed the man $50.

100 block of Northwood Drive 30342 – On April 9, a woman said that her boyfriend was drunk and hit her. She was waiting for the cops outside the apartment and her boyfriend was inside. Seconds later they found that he had attempted to “escape” from the second floor apartment by using a sheet and tying it off and lowering himself down—which failed miserably, evidently, because he was found lying on the ground with the sheet lying next to him. He was treated at the hospital for an injured foot and a high level of intoxication, and then later lodged in the jail.

A woman on Summit Place reported that she was with her friends playing basketball and when she returned home, her boyfriend, who does not live with her, got angry. She reported that he slapped and choked her. He was not at the apartment at the time the officers spoke with her.

300 block of Dunwoody Creek Circle 30350 – On April 15, a woman reported that she and her boyfriend got into an argument. The boyfriend was painting a room at the time of the argument. According to the victim, he shoved her in the chest and then threw yellow paint on her. She left the residence and called the police. Her boyfriend left.

7500 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On April 15, a man reported that he and his ex-wife still live together. She told him to get out and he got mad because his new place would not be ready until the end of the month, so he refused. She hit him in the head with her fists and then with a wooden part of the bed.


6500 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 7, cops were called to an apartment just after 3 a.m. and were told the following: Anthony came home after drinking at a local strip club and smoking some marijuana. He got mad at his brother and tried to hit him several times, but missed. He was arrested at the scene.

7000 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 10, detectives reported that while conducting a follow up investigation related to gang street crime, they arrested one man for possession of methamphetamine. He carried several cellphones and other items consistent with the distribution of drugs. The suspect was arrested and deportation will be sought for him. He had just over 300 grams of methamphetamine at the time of the arrest.

4500 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 10, a man was arrested for urinating in the parking lot of Popeye’s. The business was closed at the time. The man had been drinking.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On April 10, a man came into Target with a receipt for grocery items that he found in a parking lot trash can. (Each item that is purchased at Target is listed on the receipt.) The man went into the store and picked out each item listed on the receipt and then went to customer service to “return” the items for a refund. Store security watched him pick out each item and confronted him at the customer service booth. He was later arrested.

1100 block of Summerbrook Drive 30328 – On April 14, a woman called the cops because she got into an argument with her boyfriend of nine years. She cannot remember what the argument was over, but it was enough to throw a can of air freshener at him. She then shoved his laptop from the table into the wall. He retaliated by pulling her TV off the wall and hitting it, damaging it. Since she was determined to be the primary aggressor, she was arrested. After she found that she was going to be arrested, she “remembered” what the argument was about. She proceeded to tell the officer that the argument was over the fact that he had marijuana in the apartment. She even showed the officer the shoe box where the pot was kept. The officer found several zip-lock bags of a green leafy substance. The officer confronted the man, who then grabbed the green leafy material and ran out of the room. (The officer still had one arrested person to contend with and could not run after the man.) The man then returned, and with the maturity of a 3- year-old, said he had no knowledge of any pot. He was arrested for tampering with evidence and criminal trespass. The woman was arrested for domestic violence.

700 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – On April 15, a man and his sister were involved in a confrontation at a bar. The brother said his sister gave her phone number to a bartender. Her brother took exception to this in that she has a boyfriend and she was being disrespectful by flirting with the bartender. He told her how he felt and then he felt her hand slapping him in the face. He then pushed her away as she continued to slap at him. She was later arrested.

100 block of Forrest Lake Drive 30328 – On April 15, a man reported a bike valued at $200, was stolen from his garage. Police later arrested several juveniles for the theft.

6000 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 16, an officer checked a tag on a car parked at a bar and found the owner was wanted on a warrant. He had the disc jockey at the bar notify the man and when he came out to the car, he was arrested.

1000 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – On April 16, Wells Fargo Bank staff members called police after they discovered a man in the bank was attempting to cash a fraudulent check. The man was trying to obtain just over $1,100 on a check from a company, but the check number was out of sequence and upon verification, the check was determined to be fraudulent. He was arrested by off-duty and on-duty officers and taken to jail on first-degree forgery charges.

An officer made a traffic stop just after 12 a.m. on a car with no tail lights. The driver had a suspended driver’s license on a drug charge. The passenger had an active arrest warrant on him for a probation violation from East Point, Ga. Both were arrested.

8200 block of Colquitt Road 30350 – On April 18, cops received a call of an armed man walking down the street with a gun in his hand. They stopped and spoke to the man who said he is scared because some drug dealers are looking for him.

Other Stuff

A man reported that his ex-wife has been calling and bothering him. He said the calls were not threatening but were a nuisance.

A man reported that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is angry about their breakup and has been texting the victim to challenge him to a boxing match. The suspect is telling his friends that he’s going to beat the victim up.

A woman reported on April 8 that her ex-husband had texted her since 9 a.m., threatening to kill her.

On April 9, a man reported that he was having an affair with a married woman at his workplace. Her husband found out and told his wife he was going to kill the complainant. The complainant resigned from his workplace, but the husband continues to threaten him via emails.

Peachtree-Dunwoody Road – A man said that he has been receiving text messages from a cell number. The messages are sexually explicit in nature. He doesn’t know who is doing this.

5400 block of Glenridge Drive  – A man reported on April 12 that he had met a woman who is about 39 years old and who lives somewhere off Roswell Road. They dated twice and he said that was enough. He told her he didn’t want to continue the brief relationship. She has since texted him several times saying that she is pregnant, and told him not to come over because he is abusive and she didn’t want him to kill her baby. (It has been determined that she was not pregnant.)

300 block of Carpenter Drive 30328 – On April 14, officers were called to the scene of two people who were fighting in the parking lot of a condo area. The witness said a man threw a woman against the complainant’s Ford F-150. He said the man then cut the tires on the woman’s Cadillac. According to those involved, there was some slapping and biting and general dysfunctional activity. Although the involved parties were gone, warrants were later issued for them.

7100 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On April 16, a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend called her and said he’d like to drop by for some sex. She said she had other things to do. He showed up about 10 a.m. anyway. She refused to go to the door. He knocked for about 20 minutes. Finally, the knocking stopped. Later, she opened the door and found feces all over the door, handle and her car. She called the cops. While the cops were there, the guy called back. The victim put him on speaker phone. He was laughing at her asking how she liked all the feces. She didn’t answer but the officer did and told him to meet him at SSPD headquarters. The call was disconnected. She was given information on how to prosecute.

8300 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On April 17, a woman said that she broke up with a boyfriend last week. Since that time, he has called her over 200 times.