Confused about which voting district you live in? District lines have been redrawn, so your legislators may have changed. Here are a couple of web sites you can use to determine who now represents you.

The first shows maps of districts for the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia Senate. Go to:

The next shows maps for the U.S. House of Representatives. Go to:

Finally, if you go to the Secretary of State’s “My Voter Page,” you can find a listing of your polling place, apply for an absentee ballot or see a sample ballot for your precinct showing which candidates you may vote for (or against). Go to:

Or, if you want to see full sample ballots for Fulton County or DeKalb County, you can find them here. Just check  these  downloads:

[download id=”42″]

[download id=”43″]

[download id=”44″]

[download id=”45″]

[download id=”46″]

[download id=”47″]

Joe Earle

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.