Dr. Steve Winokur sticks acupuncture needles in Dylan, a rescue dog, during a July 18 visit to the Pharr Road Animal Hospital in Buckhead.

Dr. Steve Winokur, a veterinarian at the Pharr Road Animal Hospital in Buckhead, examined his patient, a white rescue dog named Katie.

She arched her back into the air as an assistant held her in place, acupuncture needles poking out of her like porcupine quills. Flute music played over a hidden speaker. Her owner, Sandy Springs resident Pat Chesney, baby-talked to her from a chair in a corner of the room.

Winokur and Chesney said the dog’s first acupuncture session went smoothly. Pet acupuncture is relatively routine these days, coming into popularity around the 1970s.

For more on this story and other pet-related news, check out the July 27 edition of the “Pet Reporter” in the Brookhaven, Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody Reporter newspapers.

In this video: Pharr Road Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Steve Winokur demonstrates pet acupuncture. 

Dan Whisenhunt

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of Decaturish.com