According to the latest information from the DeKalb County Elections office, there are 30,000 registered voters who will be able to vote on whether to create a city of Brookhaven.

Out of that number, roughly 4,000 are inactive, meaning they haven’t voted since the last presidential election, the elections office says.

There are 12 precincts that will have the question on the July 31 ballot. If approved, the new city of Brookhaven would have roughly 49,000 residents, according to a study by the Carl Vinson Institute.

The city would be in the area of unincorporated DeKalb County bordered by Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Chamblee and a portion of I-85.

Here are the precinct by precinct totals:

List of active and registered voters

Active voters: People who have voted since the last presidential election

Inactive voters: People who haven’t voted since the last presidential election.

Registered voters: People who have registered to vote.

Precinct numbers as of July 3.

1. Ashford Dunwoody Road

Total: 2,585

Active: 2,336

Total inactive: 249

2. Ashford Park Elementary

Total: 2,169

Active: 1,941

Total inactive: 228

3. Ashford Parkside

Total: 2,535

Active: 2,240

Total inactive: 295

4. Briarwood

Total: 2,129

Active: 1,822

Total inactive: 307

5. Brookhaven

Total: 2,803

Active: 2,385

Total inactive: 418

6. Cross Keys High

Total: 2,035

Active: 1,675

Total inactive: 360

7. Montclaire Elementary

Total: 2,330

Active: 1,812

Total inactive: 518

8. Montgomery Elementary

Total: 3,593

Active: 3,284

Total inactive: 309

9. Nancy Creek*

Total: 1,897

Active: 1,695

Total inactive: 202

*Numbers current as of February.

10. Silver Lake

Total: 3,527

Active: 3,131

Total inactive: 396

11. Skyland

Total: 1,820

Active: 1,611

Total inactive: 209

12. Woodward Elementary

Total: 2,115

Active: 1,736

Total inactive: 379

Total registered voters: 29,538

Total inactive: 3,870

Source: DeKalb County Elections Office

Dan Whisenhunt

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