The battle over what to do with the Brook Run Dog Park is heating up.

At a recent Dunwoody City Council meeting, dog park enthusiasts dressed in red to show their support for expanding the dog park, while opponents dressed in green.

Though the City Council was not scheduled to discuss the dog park, people on both sides of the issue used the public comment portion of the meeting to voice their views.

Laine Sweezey, the leader of the Brook Run Dog Park Association, asked for the city to add an empty field adjacent to parking lot into the dog park.

“We think that would be an asset to the city because the dog park is so popular,” Sweezey said.

Dunwoody resident Rick Callihan said city needs could better utilize that space because there aren’t enough sports fields or parks for children.

“I’m here to speak for the two legged critters here in Dunwoody,” Callihan said. “The dog park was something forced upon us by (former DeKalb County CEO) Vernon Jones before we became a city. I don’t think that’s the best use.”