By Kate Atwood

Erin Levin has always wanted to use her love for journalism and storytelling to share the good news with world. Having found a group of children halfway across the globe, she is working on a documentary and needs the community’s support. Erin is young, passionate and ambitious just beginning to make her mark on the world.

What cause are you most passionate about and why?

As a young journalist, I have found that my favorite stories to tell are the inspiring ones. I believe that the media should be a public service and I am committed to sharing good news. There is so much negative news in our world today; I want to help bring to light the good news going on around us. The African Children’s Choir is the most inspiring story that I have ever experienced, and that is why I’m dedicating this season of my life to making a film about them.

Tell us more about the African Children’s Choir and your documentary project.

I am producing a documentary feature film called imba! The Story of the African Children’s Choir. The choir is made up of some of the most vulnerable children from several African countries, many orphaned. The choir uniquely helps these children break away from the everyday cycle of poverty and hopelessness and replaces their journey with hope and promise. The film follows two of the newest members of the choir on their journey from Uganda, on tour in North America and back to get an education in their country. The whole film will be told through the eyes of these two children, 9-year-old Moses and 8-year-old Angel. Moses wants to be a pilot when he grows up and Angel hopes to be the first woman president of Uganda.

Share a time in your life when you helping someone else ended up boosting your own life.

Every single time I help someone, my life gets better. Service is the most amazing act. At the very time you are helping a person or a cause, you are also getting a deep feeling of gratitude for your own life. I think giving back is the best therapy.

What is your Living by Giving dream?

My Living by Giving dream right now is for my film to be funded and for at least one million people to see it and learn the story of the African Children’s Choir. Every person in the world deserves to feel the joy that the choir brings to me.

For those who want to help support the film, how can they get involved?

Donate to help make the film a reality! All donations to the film are tax-deductible and I am donating the film and 100 percent of profits to the African Children’s Choir. You can make a donation at You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. Once the film is made, having an engaged community will help us get into film festivals and theatres, so the world can see it. And please vote for imba! to win a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wine ( You can vote through the month of October.

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