By Shelby Eggers

  • Brice Williams
  • Atlanta International School, senior
Brice Williams
Brice Williams

Brice Williams has not only a full plate, but an overflowing one.

Brice serves as co-president of the Atlanta International School’s student government, plays featured roles in musicals, heads three clubs, captains his school’s robotics team and sings in three different choirs. Although AIS hands out few awards, Brice won the prestigious University of Pennsylvania book award his junior year.

“Brice is one of the brightest students in his generation at our school,” AIS teacher Catalina Ghercioiu said. “He is talented not only in math, but other subjects as well – one of the top members of the robotics club, an excellent performer in theater, and an active president of the student council.

“He is ambitious and mature, and has the capacity to ‘step out of his teenage shoes,’ see the right things and talk about them.”

Brice has been a part of AIS’ student government since ninth grade. “I like participating in [student government] because it gives me a chance to make things better at AIS, so if students ever say something needs changing, I like to be able to tell them that I can make that happen,” Brice said.

As captain of the school’s robotics team, the International House of Technology (iHOT), Brice helps build robots and prepare them for competitions. He’s involved in each aspect of the team’s robot design and construction, but focuses mainly on programming as he works on the joysticks that control the robot, giving it the ability to drive, shoot or do whatever task a particular competition requires.

He heads the school’s math and science clubs, but his interests go beyond numbers. He’s played lead parts in several musicals at AIS, including Oliver! his freshman year. He’s played piano for a dozen years and is a part of three different choral groups. He and three other students started a quartet last year, performing along with the other choirs at school concerts.

He’s also a theater “techie.” During the times he’s not in the shows, he can be found backstage running sound, lights, microphones and effects for the productions.

Brice’s hobbies are as diverse as his school interests. He enjoys programming iPhone and computer apps, studying martial arts, and has traveled to 14 countries with his family. Still, his favorite activity is snow skiing.

“I still haven’t found anything I love more than skiing,” Brice said.

What’s Next:

Brice plans to apply to MIT, Georgia Tech, Duke University, Columbia University and Stanford University, among others.