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DeKalb County prosecutors unveiled a new twist in the Andrea Sneiderman murder trial on Friday.

The mother of two is accused of conspiring to have her husband, Rusty, killed outside a Dunwoody day care in 2010.

Andrea Sneiderman’s boss, Hemy Neuman, is serving life in prison for the murder. Neuman and she were reportedly having an affair.

But in a surprise move, prosecutors asked the court to add a new name to the witness list, Joseph Dell.

They said Andrea Sneiderman and Dell are in a relationship and implied that is why Andrea Sneiderman wanted her husband killed – so she could be with him, not Neuman.

“We believe it credible that Mr. Dell left his wife six months pregnant about 6 1/2 months after the murder of Rusty and at that time openly took up a relationship with the defendant,” said prosecutor Don Geary.

According to court documents, Dell’s wife filed for divorce in Feb. 21 citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized over the summer.

In September, he wrote on the blog Friends of Andrea. In part he wrote, “There are those who want to paint a picture and concoct a story about something far more salacious. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone but it just isn’t there.”

Andrea Sneiderman’s attorneys argue if Dell is added to the witness list, he will not be able to pick up Andrea Sneiderman’s children or help her care for them while she is on house arrest.

Terms of Andrea Sneiderman’s bond say she cannot have contact with any witnesses.

“She lives with her parents, but again they can’t do everything on her behalf,” Andrea Sneiderman’s attorney Thomas Klegg told the judge. “She needs, quite frankly, some help and I don’t see that there is any downside to allowing her to have contact with this gentleman.”

Geary told the court that believes Andrea Sneiderman and Dell are now living together. He argued it is a valid request to add Dell as a witness and forbid the two to see each other.

Dell did not return a request for comment.

The judge did not issue a ruling Friday.

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