Bids are in hand from vendors hoping to supply services to the new city of Brookhaven.

J.D. Clockadale, co-chair of the contracts and proposals committee for the Governor’s Commission on Brookhaven, said bids were received by the Nov. 23 deadline.

He said for security reasons, he cannot disclose how many bids were turned in for the seven RFPs Brookhaven posted. The Requests for Proposals, or RFPs, were for services ranging from public works to information technology services.

Clockadale said he and co-chair Pat Hoban were stationed all day Nov. 23 at the Marietta law office of the commission’s pro-bono attorney to take the bids.

“We actually had a dual check-in process so two of us were there when they were received,” Clockadale said.

He said though the Brookhaven City Council and city manager will actually award bids, a committee is in the process of evaluating them.

“The evaluation process has already been initiated,” Clockadale said. “I cannot tell you who’s doing it now. We’re going to release the name of the evaluators after it’s done to prevent any breaches of confidentiality and to protect the people involved in the process.”

Clockadale said the committee should be done evaluating the bids by early December.

“Our job is to do an initial filter and then the City Council and if there’s a city manager, they will be responsible for that final step,” Clockadale said.

The governor’s commission is scheduled to continue working until the city council is seated in December.

“This is the final piece to the commission puzzle,” Clockadale said.