The Governor’s Commission on Brookhaven would like to present the Brookhaven City Council with a lease for temporary city office space when the council holds its first meeting.

Jed Beardsley, co-chair for the commission’s offices and facilities committee, said at the commission’s Nov. 29 meeting that he would like to move as quickly as possible to negotiate a lease for office space for city officials to use when the city of Brookhaven opens for business Dec. 17.

He said the committee has identified a few top candidates, but they are waiting to hear from the property owners.

“We’ve encountered a little more resistance than we expected from some landlords to having a city government tenant,” Beardsley said.

Beardsley said there is one option within Brookhaven’s boundaries that shows a lot of promise as both temporary and permanent office space. He would not name the building.

“The way it’s furnished and finished is extremely good,” Beardsley said. “The space is so perfect and move-in ready, it’s what I call the leading candidate.”

However, Beardsley said the space would require a three-year lease. Also, the landlord hasn’t yet agreed to rent to the city.

The other options for temporary space are outside Brookhaven’s city limits. One is in the Perimeter market and one is in Buckhead, Beardsley said.

After the months of hard work to prepare the city of Brookhaven, commission member J.D. Clockadale said he would like for the community to have a celebration for volunteers, members of the commission, new elected officials and anyone else who is interested in celebrating the start of Brookhaven. He asked anyone with ideas to contact the commission.

“This is a big deal, guys. We’re starting the 16th largest city in Georgia. That’s no small feat,” Clockadale said.