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ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) – A serial burglar is on the loose in Buckhead and isn’t taking what you would expect.  Atlanta police said at least five homes have been hit all in the same area near Tuxedo Road and Northside Drive.

You would think thieves would go after things like electronics or jewelry, but not in this case. It’s silverware.

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Police said in most cases they made off with $75,000 to $100,000 worth of stuff.

Perhaps the scariest part is they did it all while people were home.

Once the house is picked out, police said it probably doesn’t take the thief long at all because he knows exactly what he’s going for.

“He knows the difference. He’s either been well trained or well educated enough to know the difference between the two and he’s only taking what he believes to be the good silverware,” said Atlanta Police Sgt. Greg Lyon.

Rare, but residents said it actually makes sense.

“Particularly with price of gold and silver on the market. That doesn’t surprise me,” said Lyn Skehan who lives in neighborhood.

What was a bit surprising was how they got in.

Police said they’re using glass cutters to remove full panes of glass in order to sneak in.

“He’s someone who is very good at what he does. He’s very meticulous. He’s very quiet, very stealthy. You look at this person, as opposed to say your average bungling burglar, and he’s a professional,” said Lyon.

Police said the fact that people were home didn’t change anything.

That’s what really has the neighborhood concerned.

“That’s a little unsettling to think that someone could be in your home while you’re upstairs sleeping,” said Skehan.

It was so nerve racking to some residents it had them taking action.

“I’ll probably lock more things up now. Set the alarm each time I leave,” said Skehan.

Police said because the suspect or suspects have already proven they’ll strike more than once, and they appear to be professionals, they’ll likely hit again.

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