By Collin Kelley

Tonight’s episode opens in LA where Nene is moving into her new Hollywood Hills home. Kenya has sent over a truckload of her old furniture, which is all heavy, nouveau riche ugly. Nene actually sounds like she’s keeping her “very rich bitch” spending under control and being pragmatic about keeping her home in Atlanta in case her acting career goes belly up. Husband Gregg (“Mr. Nene”) urges his wife to let go of some control and let him set up the house so she can focus on her career, but Nene isn’t sure she can.

Cousin Che and Aunt Lori drop by Kenya’s house to hear about her dumping Walter. Che thinks he’s gay (“It’s Atlanta, it’s possible.”) and wears a toupee, then drops the bomb that Walter tried to pick her up years ago. So, he’s gay because he didn’t want to have anything to do with you or your crazy ass cousin? Hmmm-mmm…

Kenya meets Phaedra and Apollo at Core Fitness to further discuss the “donkey booty” workout tape. Apollo and Phaedra start showing the moves for the tape, including the “fonky donkey.” Kenya announces she’s already secured a big distributor based on Phaedra’s fame on Real Housewives, but that makes Phaedra suspicious. Lawyer Parks is already concerned about the estimated $100,000 budget, but Kenya is just concerned about getting her cut. “I’ve already done six weeks of pre-production. I don’t work for free.”

Phaedra meets with her business attorney, who thinks Kenya’s budget is inflated as is her request for 10 percent of the profits. At a meeting, Phaedra tells Kenya she has talked to Kandi’s boyfriend, Todd, about doing the production instead and for a fraction of the cost. Kenya is, of course, enraged. “I’m insulted,” she says in the cutaway. “I’ve busted my butt on this project. I handle multi-million dollar films and usually get 50 percent..” Phaedra, in her own cutaway, says she’s never heard of single one of Kenya’s multi-million dollar films. To be honest, I haven’t either.

Kandi holds a big surprise birthday party for Todd, who is turning 39. She hires a heleicopter to fly them to the restaurant for the party and they look all lovey-dovey and happy. Kenya shows up and tries to confront Todd about working on the donkey booty video, but Kandi shuts her down. “No offense, Kenya, but this is Todd’s birthday. No talking business or drama here.”

Cynthia and her Bailey Modeling Agency also get pulled into the donkey booty mess, when she agrees to help Phaedra cast some models. Phaedra sends out a tweet about the casting and Cynthia is overwhelmed with phone calls, gets pissed and cancels the casting. Kenya arrives feeling under the weather and she and Cynthia have a bonding moment over Phaedra expecting them to both work for free. “We don’t do pro bono work,” Cynthia says. “I want a casting fee for the video.” When Phaedra arrives, Kenya and Phaedra argue over the “back end” money, which Phaedra says Kenya does not deserve. In a cutaway, Kenya says, “I am working with ass clowns.” To Phaedra’s face she says, “I’m done, I wish you well, this has made me sick,” then storms out. Phaedra just rolls her eyes at Kenya’s antics. “I’m shocked but not surprised. I tried to defend her when everyone was saying she was crazy as a bed bug.”

Shockingly, I’m actually on Kenya’s side with this one. Damn… I hated to type that.

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.