Gov. Nathan Deal announced in a meeting on Monday that he will sign the order to remove six DeKalb County School Board members, according to CBS-Atlanta.

Gov. Nathan Deal
Gov. Nathan Deal

The governor followed a recommendation from the Georgia Board of Education, which  last week said six of nine board members be removed for failing to properly manage the district, according to CBS-Atlanta, Reporter Newspapers’ broadcast partner.

State law allowed the governor to step in and remove some, or all, of the six. However, it is unclear whether the removal of the board members will take effect because the board is challenging the law in court.

A federal judge issued an injunction over the weekend to stop the removals until a hearing is held, reported. That hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) has put the district on probation for a lack of leadership, abuse of power and money mismanagement.

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