Living Walls, a non-profit that seeks to promote, educate, and change perspectives toward public space in our communities via street art across the country, will unveil three new art installations in East Atlanta Village on Saturday, March 9.

The organization has joined forces with EAV bars, businesses and venues to host the day-long East Atlanta Block Party. There will be an artist market, specials at local business, live music  and a pop-up gallery. The artists include Molly Rose Freeman, Christopher Derek Bruno, Bridget Quinn, Rachel Burnstein, JD Koth and the Knitterati.

One of the day’s highlights is a pop-up gallery at 5 p.m., located at 535 Gresham Ave. The art in the gallery will feature some work by artist of the murals, among others. A full list of events for Saturday’s Living Walls EAV Block Party can be found at this link.