To the editor:

As a professional in the wireless service industry, I know how dynamic my industry is and how important it is to Sandy Springs and to Georgia. I also know how important investment is to Georgia.

From 2010 to 2012, AT&T invested nearly $3.9 billion across Georgia. That’s “billion,” with a “B”. This investment is helping to provide cutting-edge services to consumers and businesses across the state and here in Sandy Springs. In addition, this investment sustains thousands of jobs in our company and many thousands of others in our industry. This investment also spurs greater economic activity and jobs our state needs.

My Sandy Springs newspaper arrived today and I was both surprised and dismayed to see your lopsided and inaccurate coverage of House Bill 176 – the Mobile BILD act [“City Counciil blasts cell tower deregulation,” Sandy Springs Reporter, Feb. 22-March 7].

First, this legislation does not deregulate cell towers. All cell tower permits, whether new, co-locations, or modifications, will still have to be reviewed by local jurisdictions “for conformance with applicable site plan and building permit requirements, including zoning and land use conformity.” That is in the plain language of the legislation which the City Council does not appear to have read.

Second, this legislation simply streamlines and standardizes the permitting process for wireless infrastructure to remove unnecessary delays and eliminate excessive costs, which hurt consumers and the citizens of our community. Thus, it will incent investment in wireless infrastructure in our state to provide the wireless service that Georgians want.

Third, this legislation has been written carefully to not effect local zoning. It strikes a balance between the needs of local governments to determine the zoning for their communities and the need to attract investment to our state.

At AT&T, our goal is to be a good partner in our communities and to deliver the products and services that help Georgia keep moving forward. The Mobile BILD act is good for Sandy Springs and for Georgia.

Dorian S. Denburg

General Attorney-Network Operations, AT&T