Maryam Arjomand
Maryam Arjomand

A member of the E. Rivers Elementary Parent Teacher Association accused of stealing association funds is negotiating a plea, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said.

Howard spoke at the April 11 Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods meeting and answered a question about the case. In April 2012, Maryam Arjomand was arrested on charges of felony theft. Arjomand was accused of stealing more than $57,000 from the PTA. Police allege that Arjomand received checks from donors to the Buckhead school group and deposited the checks into a personal account.

Howard said the DA’s office investigated the matter to make sure that there was no additional money slated for the PTA that didn’t make it into the organization’s bank account. Arjomand paid the money back, Howard said.

“Right now they are negotiating a plea and as soon as we get that done, we hope to have that done probably within the next 30 to 45 days,” Howard said.

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