Atlanta Police will give a citation to a pedestrian who was hit by a car as she attempted to use a crosswalk in Buckhead.

According to information from the North Buckhead Civic Association, at 5 p.m. May 20, an unidentified pedestrian was attempting to cross Peachtree Dunwoody Road over to St. James United Methodist Church.

“The girl was hit by the car while she was starting to go into the cross walk,” according to the account given in the email. “Have you heard anything about this?  I wanted to find out the condition on the young lady.  People drive entirely too fast on Peachtree Dunwoody and ignore the pedestrian crossing sign that tells cars to stop for pedestrians.”

APD spokeswoman Kim Jones said the woman is fine and will receive a ticket. It’s unclear what the ticket will be, because the system to access the reports wasn’t functioning on May 24, Jones said.

“Preliminary info is the pedestrian was transported to the hospital alert, breathing and conscious,” Jones said. “She complained of pain in her hip.  (The) pedestrian was found to be at fault and will be cited. No one was pinned in or under the car.”

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