The City of Sandy Springs has provided two updates on the partial dam breach that resulted in the evacuation of four families from The Falls at Sandy Springs Apartments.

Here are the two most-recent statements from city spokeswoman Sharon Kraun.

Update No. 1

The muggy night has been very welcomed over a rainy one. Work crews have been able to make good progress with draining the dam outside the Falls of Sandy Springs apartments.  As of 8 p.m., the four pumps at work have taken the water line down more than four and a half feet.  The four pumps are expected to continue at work for the next few hours.  Two will shut down overnight, but will remain in ready mode.  If needed, the remaining two pumps will work through the night.

Buildings B and C remain evacuated tonight, but all impacted residents have accommodations provided.

Sandy Springs Police and Fire-Rescue crews will remain on the scene throughout the night. The lane closure on Roswell Road will remain in effect, and will be in place for the morning commute.



Update No. 2

The pumps draining the water from the pond were successful in reducing water levels to ease pressure on the dam.  Titan Real Estate will install a temporary spillway at the dam to maintain the current levels while they work on a permanent repair.  Based on the current situation, it has been deemed conditionally safe for residents to return to their apartments.

Roswell Road will see all lanes re-open by 11 a.m. this morning.

As part of mitigation efforts, City and Titan Real Estate officials conducted a review of the surrounding area, including physically walking  property potentially impacted by the drainage activities. To date, we do not have any confirmed reports of residual flooding as a result of the drainage.

The City will continue to monitor the situation and consult with Titan Real Estate as needed.   The City would like to thank the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency for their assistance, as well as the City of Atlanta for their help in quickly mitigating a potential dangerous situation.



Dan Whisenhunt

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