• Allie Fixelle, senior
  • The Weber School
Allie Fixelle

Sports have always been a huge part of Allie Fixelle’s life.

Allie started playing soccer when she was 4. Even before that, she watched her brother play.

Volleyball came not long after soccer. Allie joined junior clubs for both soccer and volleyball in elementary school. She only stopped playing club sports so she could move on and focus on the varsity teams representing her high school.

In high school, she picked up her third team sport. She started playing varsity basketball because the team needed players to fill out its roster.

“I never stuck with one sport, so I never became amazing at one sport,” Allie said. “But I have always had a fun time with my team on and off court. We have always been very supportive of each other.”

And she’s done quite well. For her efforts, she was named as The Weber School’s Female Athlete of the Year for 2011-12.

Weber Athletic Director David Moore, who has watched Allie grow, says she has been able to compete as an athlete while maintaining her schoolwork and social life.

“Allie has handled it like a champion, and has struck a great balance in her life,” he said. “Allie has that rare balance that is hard to find in today’s high school student. She is a dedicated student-athlete first, maintaining a very high grade-point average while maintaining a healthy social life and being a great player, competitor, teammate and leader on our courts and fields.”

And along the way, Allie says, she’s had some fun.

She describes her favorite memories as the two years she played volleyball in competitions organized by Maccabi USA, an organization that builds Jewish pride through sports. “It is a week-long sporting event for Jewish teenagers all over the world, taking place in a few cities each year,” she said in an email.

Allie traveled to San Francisco and Omaha, Neb., with the team representing Atlanta in the competitions, which included several girls from Allie’s school. The best part? The camaraderie among her teammates. Opponents would comment on the chemistry that the Atlantans showed on and off the field, she said, saying, “Look at the Atlanta girls. They look like they are having so much fun.”

Apart from sports, Allie is ranked highly academically. “Sports is a big-time commitment,” she said, “but I continue to challenge myself in my academics.”

Allie says a favorite class is math. That’s something else she learned in high school.

“I weirdly started high school hating math, but my sophomore year teacher helped me understand it. And once I understood math, I like a lot better.”

What’s Next:

Allie will attend the University of Georgia in the fall.

–Felipa Schmidt, student at Atlanta International School