The Dresden East Civic Association and Citizens for Chamblee have asked the Brookhaven City Council to deny Century Center’s application for annexation into Brookhaven.

The Century Center office complex, located just south of Brookhaven’s borders at Clairmont Road and I-85, has applied to be brought into the city.

However, residents of the Dresden East and Clairmont area are hoping to be annexed, along with Century Center, into the city of Chamblee. The annexation referendum is scheduled to be on the ballot in November. Residents worry that without the commercial taxes the office complex provides, Chamblee would not be able to afford to take in the more than 11,000 residents living in the area.

In a news release, Citizens for Chamblee wrote, “Without Century Center, the residents of the Dresden East/Clairmont area and surrounding neighborhoods will be unable to join or annex into any city without placing an undue burden on the area through higher property taxes or reduced levels of service.”

Citizens for Chamblee also believes if Century Center joins Brookhaven, it could disrupt other cityhood efforts underway in north DeKalb.

“Chamblee, Brookhaven, Doraville and all the surrounding neighborhoods and communities will feel the negative effects if Century Center annexes into Brookhaven. Additionally, residents within the boundaries of any proposed new north DeKalb city will also be affected, as the 11,000 plus residents in the Dresden East/Clairmont area will need to be included in the new cities, so as to not create difficult to serve islands of unincorporated areas.”

The Dresdent East Civic Association penned a resolution that was sent to Brookhaven’s elected officials July 3, according to DECA president Jordan Fox.

In the resolution, the DECA Board told Brookhaven officials they have asked for the assistance of the city of Chamblee and state representatives Scott Holcomb and Mary Margaret Oliver “to join us publically asking Brookhaven’s elected officials not to annex Century Center into their City.”

Brookhaven spokeswoman Megan Matteucci said city officials would not comment on the pending Century Center annexation application.

“The Community Development Department and the city attorney are still reviewing it,” Matteucci said.