The tug-of-war over a new youth center at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is over.

Buckhead Forest resident and attorney Amy Hillman said that the church and the neighborhood reached a “negotiated resolution” with the church.

“We look forward to a cooperative relationship with PRUMC moving forward,” she said.

Negotiations over the 50,000-square-foot building were rocky for most of this year. The neighborhood placed signs in yards that accused the church of “encroachment in our neighborhood” after the church began seeking a special use permit for the youth center.

The youth center will be a $9.2 million investment, and the main dispute was about whether the church would be allowed to expand into a residential area.

Hillman said the church was able to address neighborhood’s concerns with the special use permit.

“Several conditions of development have been included in with the SUP to help mitigate impacts on the neighborhood,” she said.

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