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As soon as Andrea Sneiderman was sentenced to five years in prison for perjury, her defense team already started the process to appeal the conviction.

Her lawyers held a news conference on Tuesday.

Defense attorney Doug Chalmers said they will be working with Brian Steel, a defense attorney who specializes in appeals.

“We believe that we have multiple grounds for appeal, a successful appeal. And we intend to start that process immediately,” Chalmers said. “This is a fight Andrea is going to win.”

The defense claims there were multiple issues with Sneiderman getting a fair trial.

“There is no way, in my mind, that at least somebody on that jury didn’t think to themselves… She got away with murder,” Defense attorney Tom Clegg said. “I don’t see how she could get a fair trial under the circumstances.”

Sneiderman gained national media attention after her husband Rusty Sneiderman was murdered by her former boss at General Electric, Hemy Neuman.

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Dan Whisenhunt

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