The DeKalb County Watershed Division has issued a boil water advisory for the Clairmont Road area.

County crews have been working on a water main break in the 2900 block of Clairmont Road since Sept. 4.  To complete the repairs, workers must reduce water pressure in the area, according to a press release from DeKalb County .  The Georgia Environmental Protection Division requires a minimum pressure in the system at all times.  When pressure is lowered, it creates a potential health hazard from backflow and/or back-siphonage of water into the water distribution system, officials said.

The affected area is bound on the north by Plaster Road, to the east by I-85, to the south by Briarwood and to the west by Buford Highway.

Residents of the affected area are advised to boil all water prior to drinking, cooking or preparing baby food. The water should be boiled for at least one minute after reaching a rolling boil, officials said.  Residents should continue to boil water until notified by DeKalb County that the water is safe.