A  new group called Friends of Brookhaven is raising funds to buy Automatic External Defibrillators for all of the city’s police cars.

Shannon Cameron, president of the organization, told the Brookhaven City Council on Oct. 22 that she and other residents who advocated for the creation of the city formed the group as a way to stay involved.

“We all were so excited about the formation of the city of Brookhaven,” said Shannon Cameron, president of the Friends of Brookhaven.

The organization’s first goal is to raise approximately $65,000 to buy 64 AEDs by the city’s first birthday, Dec. 17. The units are used to resuscitate people who have gone into cardiac arrest.

“The goal is to help foster a strong sense of community in a new city,” Cameron said. “We have the opportunity to bring the community together and build something exciting.”

The city of Brookhaven agreed to provide $30,000 toward the goal.

“We’re thrilled the community is stepping forward and wants to engage in that,” said City Manager Marie Garrett.