City Council awarded a $717,689 contract to C.W. Matthews Contracting to fix a portion of Lake Forrest Drive that’s been closed since June.

The city’s current timetable estimates the portion of Lake Forrest between between Lake Summit and Chevaux Court will be reopened by Feb. 28, 2014.

The city closed the road after multiple rock slides.

The initial quote from C.W. Matthews was $1.5 million. City officials revised their plans for the fix, deciding to use a net to catch falling debris from the road’s vertical slope instead of building a wall.

City Councilman John Paulson, who is an engineer, said there’s enough stable soil to hold the netting in place with 13-foot long anchors.

“They’re drilled and grouted into place,” Paulson said. “You’re literally bolting this into the hillside.”

Money for the repairs will come from the city’s reserve accounts, City Manager John McDonough said. McDonough expects the city will be able to replenish the reserve account after its mid-year budget review in January.

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