As a Sandy Springs voter, you can choose a new Fulton County Commissioner in May. But which commissioner you can choose will depend on where you live in the city.

Long-time County Commissioner Tom Lowe, who now represents Sandy Springs, is retiring. At the same time, a new map of the areas represented by members of the Fulton County Commission splits Sandy Springs among three different commission districts.

Mayor Rusty Paul said he’s concerned that Sandy Springs will not have a resident as a member of the commission.

“I worry about having adequate attention to our local needs from these other governmental entities, particularly given the amount of taxes our people pay these governments,” Paul said in an email

The primary election and a general non-partisan election will be held May 20. In the past, those elections have been held in July, but a court ruling moved the date back this year to allow at least 45 days for the state’s runoff period so there’s enough time for military ballots to be returned.

Here are candidates who qualified for election to seats representing Sandy Springs.

Georgia House of Representatives:

District 45

Republican – Matt Dollar, incumbent

District 51

Republican — Wendell K. Willard, incumbent

District 52

Republican — Joseph B. “Joe” Wilkinson, incumbent

District 54

Republicans — Beth Beskin; Loretta A. Lepore; John J. McCloskey; S. Angelic Moore

Democrat — Robert W. “Bob” Gibeling

District 80

Republicans — Catherine S. Bernard; Michael J. “Mike” Jacobs, incumbent

Georgia Senate:

District 6

Republican — Hunter B. Hill, incumbent

Democrat — Antron D. Johnson

District 32

Republican — Judson H. Hill, incumbent

District 56

Republican — John E. Albers, incumbent

Democrat — Akhtar Sadiq

Fulton County Board of Commissioners

District 1

Republican – Liz Hausmann, incumbent

District 2

Republicans – Eric B. Broadwell, Bob Ellis

District 3

Republicans – Everett Lee Morris III; Alexander Palacios; Cory Ruth; Bernard “Bernie” Tokarz

Non-partisan election

Fulton County Board of Education, District 7 — Julia C. Bernath, incumbent; Kathleen A. Wittschen