From police reports dated Aug. 31 through Sept. 13.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


1700 block of Warren Court—On Aug. 31, a robbery occurred when two people noticed a silver 5-series BMW following them as they turned onto Warren Court from Defoors Ferry Road. As they turned into their driveway, four to five men left the BMW and approached their vehicle. Two of the men opened the front driver and passenger doors, and two men opened the rear doors, demanding the people “hand over some money.” One of the men was armed with a shotgun and another was armed with a silver pistol. They ordered the people out the vehicle, searched their pockets and felt up and down their bodies. An Apple iPhone 4S, a purse that contained a license, $20 in U.S. currency, a car key, house keys and other ID cards were taken from the two victims. They decided to run toward a wooded area, and one of the suspects fired a shot.

3000 block of Nancy Creek Road—On Sept. 5, residents were cutting the grass at the location when a black Chevy pickup pulled up. Two men exited the vehicle, approached the residents, pulled out a black handgun and pointed it at the residents. The men grabbed a leaf blower that one of the residents was holding, and ran back to the suspect vehicle.

800 block of Huff Road—On Sept. 4, pedestrians noticed four men exiting a grey vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Two of the men pointed black pistols at the victims, while the two remaining suspects took items out of their pockets.

1100 block of Huff Road—On Sept. 1, a man was standing outside an apartment complex talking to two women, when four men in a white Lincoln LS approached and pulled a black semi-automatic handgun with a light attached at the bottom. “Give it up,” one of the men said. The resident gave the suspects his wallet, an Apple iPhone and a Boost mobile phone. The other three men approached one woman’s car, leaned on it and placed their hands on it. The women drove off, leaving the scene.

2100 block of Hollywood Road—On Sept. 1, a commercial robbery was reported. A worker heard loud banging noises coming from the rear of a store and saw someone standing over one of the gaming machines. When he approached, the worker noticed the currency door lying on the ground. He yelled to his wife and daughter to lock the door and call 911. The suspect attempted to leave, but was blocked by the worker. They fought, and the worker was knocked to the ground, kicked in the face, his glasses were broken. He yelled, “Give me my gun,” and grabbed the suspect by his feet as he was fleeing out the door. They both fell through the front door entrance. A witness intervened when the suspect attempted to grab two screwdrivers that fell from his pockets. A nearby security guard, who was eating at a restaurant, ran to assist and placed handcuffs on the suspect until police arrived. Two screwdrivers and $800 were recovered.

1000 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—On Aug. 31, a man depositing money into a bank ATM was approached by a man wearing a blue bandana around his face. He had just gotten out of a grey Toyota Camry. He demanded the man at the ATM “Get on the ground” and pointed a gun at him and the two others with him. Two debit cards, $60 in currency, a ZTE Metro phone and a license were taken from one person. A purse that contained a Florida ID, $208 in cash, a Metro phone and a debit card were taken from a second person. Victim #3, a minor child, was ordered to the ground; no items were taken from him.

Aggravated Assault

2100 block of Peachtree Road—On Sept. 4, an aggravated assault was reported outside an apartment complex. A woman said a man in a white Range Rover followed her into her parking deck. After parking, a woman got out of the Range Rover and started yelling obscenities at the woman who was followed. The woman in the Range Rover banged on the victim’s driver window and threw liquids that damaged the vehicle, while saying the victim woman was trying to steal her boyfriend. The man in the Range Rover waved a pistol at the woman who reported the assault. A police unit searched, but did not recover a weapon.

1900 block of Piedmont Circle—On Aug. 31, an aggravated assault was reported. A security guard said he was being harassed by a customer who frequently bothers customers. The security guard followed the man off the property, where a fight ensued. When the guard was punched in the face by the man, the guard drew a handgun from his waist and shot him.

1900 block of Piedmont Circle—On Sept. 9, an aggravated assault was reported outside near an adult entertainment store. A male was found lying in the middle of the street with a laceration on the left side of his head. A witness observed four men fighting at the location. The victim ran across the street and was struck in the head with a large concrete rock by a man wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. An ambulance took the victim to the hospital for further treatment.


1000 block of Nawench Drive—On Sept. 1, a residential burglary was reported by police, after the back door was left unlocked. Police responded to an audible alarm, and found several electronics on the ground. The officer was unable to secure the back door and documented the events. No key holder was on scene.

1600 block of Cave NW—On Sept. 10, a residential burglary was reported when a garage door was opened, and the interior door leading to the residence was kicked in. The locking mechanism was broken apart and scattered. A TV stand was turned over and a 60-inch Sony flat screen TV was missing. A Stihl handheld blower, a Honda push mower, a Sears wheel battery charger, a red Husky sipper tool bag that contained two trailer hitches, a power inverter, tow straps, jumper cables and miscellaneous tools were taken from the garage.

3200 block of Mathieson Drive—On Sept. 8, a residential burglary was reported at Mathieson Apartments. The back door was found open and a locked window was pried open. Several drawers and boxes were found open. A 2010 Clemson college World Series ring, two pairs of Costa sunglasses, a black .22 Ruger revolver, a black/silver wrist watch and a faux Rolex watch were taken.

700 block of Greenview NE—On Sept. 10, a burglary of a house was reported. The burglar entered through a rear window, and when the resident returned home he noticed a man inside his home. When confronted, the burglar punched the resident in the face and ran from the house through the back yard and woods that lead in the direction of Peachtree Valley. A sapphire ring, two diamond rings, an engagement diamond ring and a wedding band were taken.

500 block of Lindbergh Place—On Sept. 9, a residential burglary was reported at an apartment complex. The patio door lock was damaged and the apartment was ransacked. A $4,000 Gucci Bag, an Apple iPad, a Citizens Watch, a 32-inch Samsung Television, an Apple iPod and a jewelry box were taken.

2400 block of Parkland Drive—On Sept. 12, a burglary was reported, after a back patio door was pried open and a screen was removed from a window beside the door. The resident returned home and noticed a hallway light on, which was initially left off. An LG 55-inch Smart 3D TV, three Michael Kors watches, a MacBook Pro laptop, an Xbox, a LG Blu-Ray DVD player, two NBA 2K14 Madden 15 video games and a black Apple iPad were taken.

Commercial Burglary

2200 block of Marietta Boulevard—A warehouse was burglarized after a hole was cut in the fence on the southeast corner of the lot, and a window was found broken in the rear of the property. The alarm panel was damaged. Copper was stripped from the ceilings, electric panels and a boiler.

3400 block of Northside Parkway—On Sept. 7, a commercial burglary was reported at a toy store. A side window was shattered and glass and merchandise was found lying on the inside of the location. All the drawers, cabinets, back closet and cash registers were found open. The manager said, prior to closing, he observed two men standing beside a blue SUV in the parking lot, soliciting for gas money and attempting to sell a PlayStation 4 and an Xbox 360. The men were not inside the parking lot when the manager closed the location and went home. Cash drawers that contained $503.31 were taken from the back closet.

Larceny from vehicle: 58 total reports made between Aug. 31 and Sept. 13

200 block of Pharr Road—On Aug. 31, four vehicles were targeted at a condominium One driver noticed the car windows broken and flagged down a passing officer. On one car, the passenger and front window were damaged, but no items were taken. A second driver reports a Nintendo DS was taken from the center console. A third driver reports a knife portfolio was taken. The fourth victim was not located to determine what items were taken.