Buckhead police reported 10 robberies between Oct. 19 and Oct. 25, in the weekly crime briefing for Atlanta’s Zone 2. Five of the robberies involved one or more men with guns, taking cars and other valuables.

2700 block of Margaret Mitchell Drive—On Oct. 19, a white Toyota pulled in front of a man as he was walking down the street listening to his iPhone 4 and stopped. Two men wearing all black and camouflage masks got out of the back of the sedan and approached the man with guns, ordering him “give them his phone,” which he did. One of the men checked the pedestrian’s pockets and snatched his book bag that contained a wallet, Georgia ID, soccer ball, soccer shoes, Social Security card, and $10 cash. The man then ran back to the other man, waiting at the Toyota, and they drove off at a high rate of speed.

1700 block of Defoor Place—On Oct. 19, a bearded man with a gun walked up the driveway toward a pedestrian and said, “Give me everything you got.” Then the gunman shot the man in the upper portion of his right leg, took his car keys, $200 in cash, a Samsung S4 cellphone and a wallet containing several credit cards. The gunman then went to the back of the building, and entered the man’s navy blue 2005 Acura TL and drove off. After the man was shot, he spent 15 to 20 minutes outside of the location talking with the owner and trying to locate his friend. The friend allowed the wounded man to get in his car and ride around to the back of the building to see if his Acura was still there. The owner of the building refused to let the wounded man inside, when he tried to enter to find his friend. After several minutes, the man was allowed to make entry into the building and he found his friend. The owner of the location eventually phoned 911, but told police officers to respond to the nearby Waffle House.

1100 block of Collier Road—On Oct. 20, two men with semi-automatic weapons and camouflage face masks approached a man getting out of his car. The men ordered the driver, “Give us your keys and money.” He said his son was in the backseat, and they said him to get his son and give them his wallet. As the man was taking his son from the rear of the car, one of the robbers struck him about the head with the gun. The robbers took the man’s wallet and car.

1600 block of Defoor Avenue—On Oct. 21, a white Nissan Moreno SUV drove toward a woman, who was walking to her car. A man holding a weapon with a blue handle in his right hand got out from the passenger side. He demanded the keys to her car and her personal belongings. She gave him the keys to her 2008 gold Lexus, and he got in her car, reversed out of the parking lot and headed north on Defoor Avenue, following the white Nissan Moreno.

400 block of Bishop Street—On Oct. 23, a woman got out of her car in a parking lot and began gathering her personal belongings, when a man wearing a ski mask came up behind her, cursed at her and said, “Don’t scream.” “Take everything,” she said.

“Yeah, give me everything,” the masked man said.

When he became distracted, she began to walk away from the car, toward a dark alley. A few moments later, another man, with a gun, ran up and said, “What else you got!”

The man who initially robbed her said, “I already checked her,” and the second would-be robber left the woman alone, and rejoined a group of men.

One man left in the woman’s white BMW X5 and the other left dark colored Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The BMW X5 was placed on the police system as stolen at 11:01 p.m. and officers from Atlanta’s Zone 4 followed the BMX X5 until it crashed at 1561 South Gordon. The driver was located and immediately arrested.