The Brookhaven City Council on Nov. 18 heard a first read on a proposed annexation.

Children’s Healthcare of Georgia and Executive Park, south of I-85, have asked to become part of the city, while the proposed new city of LaVista Hills is lobbying for those parcels to be in its boundaries instead.

State Sen. Fran Millar asked the city to slow down the process to give residents who live near the parcels time to chime in. The annexation does not require a vote by the public since no one lives in the affected area. But, Millar said, “I feel very strongly that the residents and commercial go together.” He said residents would be affected by future development of the area.

Steve Richards, a nearby resident of the proposed annexation areas, says his neighborhood of LaVista Park is concerned that Brookhaven will not be able to provide the needed water, sewer and road services for the area.

Mayor J. Max Davis responded that DeKalb County would remain responsible for water and sewer services in the area, and that if any new developments on the parcel had a regional traffic impact, developers would be required to make road improvements.

Representatives for Children’s Healthcare and Executive Park said that the organization would be a good neighbor, and would pay for extra police needed for the area. Lawyer Woody Galloway said that while, as a non-profit, Children’s Healthcare wouldn’t generate a lot of property tax, it would generate fees. The Executive Park parcel would pay taxes.

Ron Frieson, chief public policy officer for Children’s, said the organization “decided to be proactive” in asking to be part of Brookhaven because it was an established, well-run city, and that he knew the organization would eventually become part of some city.

“I’m just here formally to request that you do not accept the application,” said Mary Kay Woodworth, chairwoman of the proposed LaVista Hills. “It will have a trem impact on our proposed city.” She asked the council to not accept the annexation petition, or to give the process a “three or four month break” so that her group can have time to get a city hood referendum.

A vote on the proposed annexation and related zoning could take place following a proposed public hearing and second read of the annexation ordinance at City Hall on Nov. 20 at 7 p.m.