The new map for LaVista Hills. Click to enlarge.
The new map for LaVista Hills. The proposed cities of Tucker and LaVista Hills each want to include some of the same areas. Click to enlarge.

Five state lawmakers have been give the job of drawing boundaries for the proposed new DeKalb County cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker, is reporting.

House Governmental Affairs Committee Chairwoman Amy Carter (R-Valdosta) appointed Reps. Buzz Brockaway (R-Lawrenceville), Barry Fleming (R-Harlem), Mark Hamilton (R-Cumming), Howard Mosby (D-Atlanta) and Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur) to the special subcommittee charged with drawing the map, the website says.

The subcommittee was appointed to draw boundaries for the two proposed cities after members of groups promoting their incorporation could not agree on a map by Nov. 15, a deadline set by state lawmakers earlier this year.

“I am following through on the pledge to appoint a five-person subcommittee of state house members to draw a map for the proposed DeKalb cities after stakeholders couldn’t come to an agreement on their own,” Carter said. “This bi-partisan group of Governmental Affairs Committee members will convene a meeting, gather input, draw a map and complete this effort by Dec. 31.”

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