From police reports dated Dec. 14 through Dec. 20.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta

Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


2700 block of Defoors Ferry Road— While driving to her residence, a woman noticed a white vehicle with two men following her. As she parked, their vehicle blocked her vehicle in, and a man armed with a black revolver got out, knocked on her window and demanded she “Get out the car.” As she got out, one man placed a gun to her head, asked her “what are in your pockets” and proceeded to pat her down. Then he told her to “get the (expletive deleted) out of here” as she ran to a nearby neighbor’s home to call 911. While running, she heard the sound of her clutch being shifted, as if the man was attempting to drive it away. He fled on foot down a hill in between the apartment buildings and the second man drove off in a white Dodge Magnum. A silver Coach purse that contained a red LG3 phone, $60 cash, a license and a Wells Fargo and SunTrust ATM card was taken.

2300 block of Marietta Road—Two men armed with handguns entered the location and yelled “Get down on the floor.” The first man came behind the counter, pointed a gun at a woman, demanded she open the cash registers and told the manager to lie on the ground. The second man attempted to open a cash register, but it would not open because it was programmed to open using the assigned employee’s thumbprint. The first man then pointed the gun at the manager and demanded the key to open the registers, while removing her cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy Mega, from her back pocket. The first woman, fearing for the safety of her manager, opened the registers and allowed the men to take an unknown amount of currency. They fled out the back door and were seen in a black four-door sedan headed toward Marietta Boulevard.

2000 block of Bolton Road—Two men entered the location and continued looking around toward the cashier’s cage. One of them left, while the other remained inside and purchased a beer. As the man entered the location, he was nudged. He said, “excuse me” and walked away. Once outside, the man exited his vehicle, produced a gun and demanded “all the money.” The victim gave up $120 in US currency. The suspect re-entered a Nissan Maxima and fled the scene.  

1600 block of Ellsworth-Industrial Boulevard—A man was walking to the side of a store, when he saw two men in a white Oldsmobile Cutlass cut in front of him. Two men with guns got out, and the first man placed the pistol to the victims’ face. The second man with a gun punched the victim in the head while the other man reached into the victim’s pocket and removed a Wells Fargo envelope that contained $1,600 and a Wells Fargo debit card. The two suspects re-entered the suspect vehicle and shouted “Don’t call the police; I know where you work. I will kill you.”

2300 block of Peachtree Road—A man was inside the rear of his delivery truck when he heard someone coming up the metal ramp. When he turned, someone demanded, “Give me what you got.” The delivery driver held up his hands and said he didn’t have anything. The man reached into the driver’s pocket and took a $20 bill while simultaneously striking him in head with a metal object.

Aggravated Assault

1300 block of Northside Drive—On Dec. 15, someone was throwing trash away when a driver attempted to strike him twice with his vehicle. The victim was able to escape injury by diving out of the way.

Residential Burglary

1700 block of Commerce Drive—On Dec. 18, a hole was punched above the dead bolt and the interior of an apartment at The Alexander at The District Apartments was ransacked. A Sanyo 32-inch television, a Samsung LED television, six Coach purses and wallets, a Wilson laptop, a pair of Nike flip flops, two Michael Kors watches, three Michael Kors bags, two Polo shirts, a pair of Ugg boots, a Kindle Fire and a Wilson yellow and black leather coat were taken. A second apartment was accessed the same way and a Wells Fargo checkbook, a Turtle Beach gaming headset, a Galaxy tab case, a gym bag, an Associated Credit Union checkbook and currency were taken.

900 block of Tennyson NW—On Dec. 17, a resident discovered a black Samsung 52-inch television missing from her back deck.

400 block of Manor Ridge NW—Police were dispatched to an audible alarm and discovered the glass door kicked in, the interior den door lock popped and a keyhole with a bent key inside.

500 block of Northside Circle—On Dec. 16, a back door was kicked in and witness reported seeing three men leaving the residence with electronics in hand. The residents were out of town and could not tell police what items were taken.

200 block of Albetra Drive—On Dec. 15, a Husqvarna leaf blower, a Samsung 50-inch television, and two Lenovo laptops were taken.

3300 block of Matheison Drive—A 60-inch LG television, a 42-inch Hatashi television, a Dell laptop and two HP laptops were taken.

1000 block of Lenox Park Boulevard NE—A Burberry purse that contained a wallet, two Louis Vuitton purses, a MacBook Pro laptop, an iPad Air, jewelry and a Vizio 42-inch LED Smart TV were taken.

2100 block of Piedmont Road—A pair of Diesel boots, a violin and two piggy banks were taken from one apartment. A second apartment had a front door lock busted and an HP Laptop was taken from the dresser, and a skirt, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, a pair of Gucci shoes, and a Fendi purse that contained a pair of Gucci sunglasses and a diamond ring was taken from the closet.

Commercial Burglary

1200 block of Foster Street–A Samsung Galaxy S5 cellphone was reported stolen.

800 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—An Apple laptop, Apple desktop and jewelry were taken from a storage unit #187. The lock was replaced with a different lock on unit #140, and a yellow gold butterfly with diamond insets and a white gold wedding ring with small circular stones were taken. A third unit reportedly burglarized was missing an Apple MacBook computer and an HP desktop computer, two analog keyboards, New Mark Turn Tables in a black case with GFF on the outside, a 19-inch HP screen, and several records. A fourth storage unit was burglarized and the owner was advised his lock was cut. A Nabi tablet, two Apple tablets and an Avid Neumann (U87AI Studio were taken. Three additional storage units in the same facility were burglarized during the week.

3800 block of Roswell Road—A rear door was pried open and two Lenovo laptops were taken from an office.

2600 block of Piedmont Road—No apparent damage to the front door, but surveillance footage shows a person using a prying tool to access the front door. Once inside, the person runs to the cash register, conceals an empty deposit bag and $100 in currency and flees the location.

2100 block of Monroe Drive—The owner discovered her storage unit broken into.

Auto Theft

300 block of King NW—A 2011 Ford Econoline was reported stolen.

1700 block of Howell Mill Road—A 2006 Ford was reported stolen.

2600 block of Peachtree Road—A 2008 Acura MDX and a 2011 Mercedes GL450 were reported stolen. Surveillance footage shows two men entering the vehicle and driving away. Keys were left inside the ignition waiting on valet service.

1400 block of Kenwood Avenue—A blue 1991 GMC Sonoma was reported stolen from the parking lot where it was last parked.

100 block of Lakeland Drive—A red Toyota Corolla was reported stolen from a condo parking lot.

3500 block of Peachtree Road—A white 2015 Chevy Traverse was reported stolen from a parking lot.

1000 block of Lenox Park Boulevard—A white 2005 Ford Super Duty Truck was reported stolen; A black Yamaha motorcycle was reported stolen.

4200 block of Pine Heights Drive—A burgundy 1999 Chrysler Town and Country Van was reported stolen.

3400 block of Lenox Road—A silver 2015 Chevy Impala was reported stolen from a hotel parking lot.

700 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard—A 2002 Yamaha motorcycle was reported stolen.

500 block of Main Street—A 2001 Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen from a parking lot.

2400 block of Morsogo Court—The owner of a white 1999 Dodge Caravan reported ignition damage, a locked door and the car was left running.


Between Dec. 14 and Dec. 20, a total of 42 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 30 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.