Emergency service vehicles now have access to gated communities in Dunwoody.
Emergency service vehicles now have access to gated communities in Dunwoody.

Gated communities have begun to install devices for emergency vehicles to enter.

The Dunwoody Police Department recently began distributing SOS Gate Trigger Devices to gated communities to allow access for emergency vehicles.

These devices ensure all police, fire and emergency medical service workers can quickly pass through the gates without the use of keys or call boxes.

Councilman Terry Nall championed the development of the ordinance requiring these devices after a police ride-along, he said. He realized police officers often had trouble trying to enter gated areas and communities.

He said as a smaller city, we are lean and use smart technology to increase our effectiveness.

“Improving response times is an ongoing priority for the safety of our community, as each minute can make the difference between life and death,” Nall said.

Nall thanked Police Chief Billy Grogan and his staff for their RFID technology research and ordinance proposal, which was approved by City Council March 23. The city is purchasing the devices for the gated communities at a cost of about $600 each and each community pays about $500 for the installation and ongoing maintenance. Communities have 12 months from March 23 to comply, according to the ordinance.

Mount Vernon Flats at the Perimeter and Gramercy Townhomes have already successfully installed the devices and are operational.

“The beauty of this RFID technology is we will make it available to police, fire and EMS for improved response times by all,” Nall said. “This will make Dunwoody a safer city.”