Dunwoody City Council on Nov. 9 approved a bid to restore the stream at Bunky Way.

An intergovernmental agreement approved in May means that DeKalb County will pay half the cost, originally estimated at $178,000. But the final cost is $294,478, so an additional vote by the DeKalb Board of Commissioners will be needed.

Council voted to approve the bid before hearing from DeKalb officials because the project involves work that must be done during the winter. The companies doing the work recommend completing the work by March, and city Stormwater Engineer David Elliott said if the city decided to wait on the county’s decision, the construction most likely would have been pushed to November 2016.

“There’s an element of faith in this, but I think we owe it to the homeowner to get this done,” Councilman Terry Nall said. “I would be supportive of both of those components.”