An unknown number of residents living in the 30319 zip code who live in Sandy Springs and Buckhead are now receiving mail labeling them as Brookhaven residents, leading an Atlanta councilman to ask them to contact him for assistance.

Atlanta City Councilman Howard Shook said he is receiving numerous calls and emails from his constituents telling him that there mail is coming to them labeled as being in the city of Brookhaven.

“Several people are complaining to my office and they are startled and somewhat offended,” Shook said.

More significantly, he added, his constituents are telling him they are being summoned to serve on jury duty in DeKalb rather than Fulton County, they are having problems renewing their drivers licenses and are also having problems with credit card transactions.

“I understand it’s a matter of municipal vanity to have your own zip code, but it horrifies me that this may be creating serious problems,” Shook said.

Brookhaven’s Mayor John Ernst is open to working with Shook and the Postal Service to work out a remedy, said spokesperson Ann Marie Quill.

“This postal change occurred under the previous administration, and we were under the impression that it meant the use of ‘Brookhaven’ in mailings was merely an option for those in our city limits,” she said.

“We certainly did not intend to cast any harm for any Atlanta residents,” she said.

Brookhaven, which borders the eastern edge of Buckhead, incorporated in December 2012. The city then began the process of having the U.S. Postal Service recognize 30319 and 30329 in Brookhaven as a deliverable address; the status was achieved in October 2014 with help from U.S. Rep. Tom Price.

Shook urges Atlantans who have been “victimized by the change” to contact him at

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Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.