A major mixed-use project including 425 apartments and a new east-west connector road is planned to go up alongside the Palisades office park at 5901 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road in Sandy Springs.

A Google Earth map of the Palisades office park area on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road in Sandy Springs.
A Google Earth map of the Palisades office park area on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road in Sandy Springs.

The project by Sandy Springs-based Pollack Shores Real Estate Group also includes 10,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, according to a press release. The existing office buildings would remain. A real estate closing on the land for the development was announced May 11.

Pollack Shores has agreed to help pay for a new east-west connector road between Peachtree-Dunwoody in Sandy Springs and Perimeter Center Parkway in Dunwoody. That is part of longer roadway planned to improve east-west traffic access through Perimeter Center.

“We were really drawn to Palisades’ proximity to MARTA and its location near numerous job centers in the Perimeter market,” says Pollack Shores Managing Director Michael Blair in a press release. “We feel the property is a perfect candidate to redevelop into a more usable and walkable destination that better serves the existing office tenants, neighboring properties and future residents.”

The apartments would be “luxury” units ranging from one to three bedrooms. Some of the retail space would front on the new east-west connector. The project involves two new buildings with a common green space.

The Sandy Springs City Council approved the basic zoning modifications for the plan last year. A spokesperson could not immediately say whether other zoning approvals are required for the current plan. The press release says the developer hopes to complete the project by late 2018.

The project joins other major mixed-use projects underway or planned for the Perimeter Center section of Peachtree-Dunwoody, including an expansion of Concourse Center and a redevelopment of Pill Hill’s Pavilion office park.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

3 replies on “Mixed-use project, east-west road planned for Sandy Springs’ Palisades site”

  1. Wow, just imagine the traffic with these new developments and 400/285 redo. What a mess,the people density with the cars and 285 trucks spewing their exhaust right next door. A new east west connector for more cars…What a magnificent quality of life for the our future generations…but, I FORGOT, there IS a green space…( that should solve everything…)

  2. I believe with proper oversight by the responsible agencies a project like this just adds to the hoped for success of mixed use development in the area. I think traffic congestion can be eased by the development of the proposed e/w connector as part of an intermodal traffic plan including continued development by MARTA in the area. The key is residential development creating less of an inflow/outflow problem for already beleaguered commuters in the area.

  3. I’ll go with you Art if you agree that the only people that can lease the apartments work at the area surronding the Mall, State Farm, The Concourse, Palisades, Pill Hill or a location on Marta. The problem is someone that lives there might work in Norcross or Cobb thus MORE commuters. Marta’s own numbers say that at best 15% will use Marta from what I have heard.

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