Preventative repairs on a pipeline that carries jet fuel, among other petroleum products, will shut part of Sandy Springs’ Brandon Mill Road July 11 through 16.

A Google Earth map of the section of Brandon Mill Road that will be closed for fuel pipeline repairs.
A Google Earth map of the section of Brandon Mill Road that will be closed for fuel pipeline repairs.

“There is no leak,” said Steve Baker, a spokesperson for Colonial Pipeline, the company that owns the line. But pipeline tests showed some kind of flaw that could cause future failures, so the line will be replaced or enclosed in coating or a metal sleeve, he said.

The pipeline carries, at various times, diesel fuel, jet fuel, “fuels for the U.S. military” and home heating oil, Baker said. It’s part of a pipeline network running from Houston, Texas to the New Jersey side of New York Harbor. The section in question, between West Spalding Drive and Dunhill Court, runs near the Lost Corner Preserve city park and Spalding Drive Elementary School.

Baker said Colonial inspects pipelines regularly with a device called a “smart pig.” It has metal calipers that run along the pipe’s interior, with a computer recording any detected cracks or other potential problems.

“The pig part [of the name] came from the sound the metal calipers make as they slide along the wall of the pipe,” Baker said. “They say it sounds like the squeal of a pig.”

Baker could not say exactly what kind of flaw the smart pig found on Brandon Mill. Three sections of pipe, which the city says is beneath the road, will be dug up and either replaced, encased in a metal sleeve or coating with a protective material, Baker said.

“We understand the traffic impact this kind of work presents and plan carefully to get our work done safely and quickly,” Baker said. “Work will start the week of July 11 and we hope to finish in five days.”

Detour signs will be in place to direct traffic, according to a city press release. Local residents will be able to access their driveways with assistance from construction workers, the city said.

Colonial does not have any other pipeline repairs scheduled in Sandy Springs, Baker said.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.