The Commodore is almost ready to get pregnant with The One who will save the mall. Orange Juilius just wants to be saved from the CHUD.
The Commodore is almost ready to get pregnant with The One who will save the mall. Orange Juilius just wants to be saved from the CHUD.

Dad’s Garage Theatre is presenting the improv soap opera “Scandal” every Saturday night through Aug. 20. “Scandal” is set at a fictitious shopping mall in the Old Fourth Ward that’s on its last legs and its wacky denizens. As media sponsor for the event, INtown is posting a recap of the Saturday episodes.

The fourth episode got off to a bang, or rather, a lack of one. Jelilah cornered The Commodore in his arcade to let him know that the frozen eggs she had recently re-implanted in her ovaries were going bad. “The doctor said they’d be good for five days, and it’s already been eight days!” However, The Commodore insisted that there was still a ton of preparation he had to complete before The Chosen One could be born. Jelilah ended by insinuating she could easily get inseminated somewhere else.

It was a great day for Rosemary Splat! She was whistling a happy tune because she was excited for her upcoming date with Oral Hanks. But then 95-year-old Violet Chumsly had to break the bad news to her that last week Oral had slept with both Violet and Cynthia Monets. Rosemary was crushed.

In the mall office, Madeline Silverton called a meeting to order to officially announce the contents of Chugga’s will – that she was now the owner and manager of Old Fourth Ward Mall. Her first order of business – planting explosives to demolish The Forbidden Zone! The Commodore argued that this would free all the CHUDs to devastate humanity.

Chick-fil-A kid Percy Goody once again encountered Cynthia Monets in the Food Court. She dropped her shopping bag and bent over right in front of him, causing his nuggets to break out in a cold sweat.

Madeline Silverton was browsing through the bachelorette section at Spencer’s Gifts when she encountered mall bad boy, Lark Darkcastle. He was very quickly inside her sphere of personal space. Madeline admitted she was attracted to powerful men, and since Lark works in the blacklight poster section of the store, he quickly moved in for the kill. They kissed passionately, with Madeline commenting on how “sharp and waxed” Lark’s mustache was.

Jelilah went to Orange Julius’ smoothie cart to get some sort of drink that might preserve her eggs for a bit longer. They really hit it off and soon Jelilah invited OJ to permanently run his cart out of the back of her store… wink wink nudge nudge.

A big impromptu meeting featuring everyone except Madeline Silverton was held in the Southern Belle Depot. Many ideas were discussed about how to keep her from taking over the mall and blowing up the Forbidden Zone. The first four or five suggestions were all for murder. Lark Darkcastle showed up late to the meeting, but made up for it by making out with everyone intensely, one by one.

Violet stopped by The Commodore’s Arcade to find out how she could go to the future and stop the robot menace. The Commodore was more concerned with the CHUD menace, and told Violet time travel only works going to the past. Violet didn’t listen, as usual, and went to try out her plan.

Madeline Silverton instructed Orange Julius to plant the explosives in The Forbidden Zone and then gave him a tab of acid to ensure that he carried out her orders.

Percy sought out Lark to learn his foolproof ways of seduction. The secret – removing your shirt and throwing it into the audience!

Orange Julius was back in the Southern Belle Depot with Jelilah, but since he was on LSD he was acting super weird and annoying her. The Commodore showed up just then, and Jelilah gratefully took him back while OJ headed to The Forbidden Zone.

Madeline realized Orange Julius was ruining her plans for blowing up The Forbidden Zone, so she raced to stop him. He tried to change her mind with an amazing new smoothie, the Peach Julius, but his secret ingredient (which may or may not have been urine) sent her into a rage and she detonated the bomb. The mall was rocked and who lived and who died is yet to be seen.

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To purchase tickets and to find out more information about “Scandal,” visit Dad’s Garage is located at 569 Ezzard St. in the Old Fourth Ward.

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