Brookhaven City Council has agreed to sock away nearly $1 million in its General Fund while also allocating additional funds to various departments for projects and personnel as part of an amended budget.

Brookhaven’s budget for 2016 was set at $21.4 million. A mid-year review shows General Fund revenues coming in at roughly $22.8 million, City Manager Christian Sigman said at the Aug. 9 City Council work session. This increase totals about $1.4 million, with $933,953 of the amount coming from an increase in property tax revenue.

“Based on City Council direction as part of the 2016 millage rollback discussion, this [$933,953] amount will be directed to the city’s General Fund reserve and not be budgeted or expended in 2016 or assumed as part of the 2017 budget,” Sigman stated in a memo.

A mid-year review with city departments showed a need to adjust the city’s budget up to $21.9 million, or 2.3 percent more than what was originally budgeted for last year. The city is estimating it will bring in more than $436,000 in additional revenue this year, Sigman said, and coupled with an existing contingency of $1.4 million, there is just more than $1.8 million available to meet mid-year changes to the General Fund.

Where some of that additional money will go:

  • Increase Law/Legal budget by $150,000 to provide for unanticipated legal services relative to ZBA service and appeals, pending city litigation, and legal services for the MARTA TOD project.
  • Increase the Public Works Department budget by $400,000 for infrastructure services.
  • An increase of $600,000 to the Parks and Recreation department, with $500,000 going toward paying for park and facilities services (i.e. professional services, technical services, repairs and maintenance and contract labor) and another $100,000 for the insurance portion of bridge repair at Murphey Candler Park.

Sigman said he is also seeking to hire or contract an Economic Development Director for the city. Funds for that position will be paid from his office’s budget, he said.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.