A reported mass shooting in Brookhaven Jan. 29 turned out to be a prank and police are searching for the 911 caller that phoned in the hoax.

On Sunday night, a large force of the Metro Atlanta SWAT team and other first responders answered a call of a mass shooting on Rennes Drive in Brookhaven, near Lynwood Park, according to WSB-TV. North Atlanta Metro SWAT includes officers from Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and John’s Creek.

“An individual had called to say that he had shot his family members and was covered in blood,” Brookhaven Police Major Brandon Gurley told WSB. “That obviously triggered a large law enforcement response to the area.

“The call was not made from someone on the scene,” Gurley said. “It was a prank call. There was no one on the scene that shot anyone or was covered with blood.”

Councilmember Linley Jones released the following statement:

“Many thanks to all those who participated in Next Door and other efforts to inform the community about the serious situation last night. You all jumped into action to protect your neighbors and we are a safer community because of your willingness to do so. With an active shooter situation, seconds count. The situation was unclear even to law enforcement prompting the multi-jurisdictional police response. Better safe than sorry,” she said.

“I am grateful that it appears this morning that no one was injured.”

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.